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Tips for Hiring a Professional Remodeler

If your home is in need of a makeover, it may be time to hire a remodeling contractor and undergo home renovations in Lancaster, PA. Remodeling a house can be stressful, especially if you choose the wrong contractor. A great professional contractor, however, can help put you at ease and make your remodel happen as smoothly as possible. A few key tips to keep in mind when hiring a professional remodeler can be the difference between satisfaction and regret.

Pay Attention to Client Testimonials and Referrals

The best resources for evaluating if a certain remodeler is right for your job are stories from former clients. From these individual testimonials, you can determine how a contractor interacts with homeowners. Furthermore, you can evaluate if the contracting company shares your values and ideas for approaching a home renovation. Once you have hired a contractor, you will be spending a significant amount of time working together to make decisions. Finding someone with whom you enjoy collaborating will make the entire endeavor easier.

Ask Key Questions

Before you have a consultation with a potential contractor, prepare a list of questions. The answers to some of these questions could help you select an expert in home renovations in Lancaster, PA. Several important questions include:

•    Has your company established a presence in the community?
•    How many years of experience do you have with remodeling?
•    Do you offer a warranty with your work?
•    Can you follow through with my project from beginning to end?
•    Will you do your best to work with my time frame?

Once you have asked these questions, you will probably have a better idea whether a particular contractor will be right for your project.

Take the Difficulty Out of Your Home Remodel

With the help of an engaged, experienced, and trustworthy contractor, the process of renovating your home does not have to be overwhelming. Home renovations in Lancaster, PA, can give you the house you have always imagined.

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By Pursuing Bath Remodeling, Lancaster, PA Residents Can Live in Their Homes Safely

Prior to considering improvements that can be made through bath remodeling, Lancaster, PA residents who are elderly or disabled may be under the frightening impression that the best way to stay safe is to move into a place that’s more suited for their changing mobility levels.

Because of elements like moisture, slick surfaces and shower or bathtub designs that may be difficult for people with compromised senses of balance, bathrooms can be very challenging for individuals who are disabled or elderly. Fortunately, a successful remodel project can result in a barrier-free bathroom that not only keeps residents safer, but also allows them to remain independent in familiar settings.

Hire Someone Who Has Specialized Training

 There are many companies that claim their workers have the expertise needed to successfully handle revamping a bathroom so it’s more accessible. As part of their work related to bath remodeling, Lancaster, PA professionals sometimes decide to become Certified Aging-in-Place Specialists (CAPS). This makes them more valuable to a particular target audience.

These professionals have gone through training that teaches them how to meet the needs of people who desire to live in their homes at later stages in life without experiencing problems. When looking at the details of a project, the remodelers can identify things that are commonly unsafe or uncomfortable for residents, and suggest solutions.

Emphasize Practical Results

 When meeting with remodeling experts, it’s very important to bring up certain things that have caused a person to realize it’s time to make improvements. Perhaps it has become harder to stay balanced when getting out of the shower, and a metal grab bar would help. Or, maybe the cabinets above the sink are too high, so a person has trouble reaching to safely retrieve items from them.

These are just a few things to think about carefully before beginning bath remodeling. Lancaster, PA specialists can use acquired knowledge to ensure needs are met and that the improvements are performed with a long-term viewpoint in mind.


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What You Should Know Before Starting a Home Addition

Adding a room onto your home is a large undertaking. It will be messy and intrude upon your daily life. If you hire a good contractor, though, it should be a fairly painless process. However, before you ever embark upon home additions in Lancaster, there are some things you should know about how this addition will affect you.

A new room will add square footage to your home, which means it will increase the value of your home. What you need to keep in mind about that, though, is that when the value of your home increases, your taxes do as well. Many people don’t even think about this aspect of things, so make sure you can afford the extra taxes you will pay when figuring your budget.

You will probably take care in choosing a contractor for your home additions in Lancaster, so you get one that will do an amazing job. You need to be aware, though, that the best contractor still will need time to get the job done. You will have strangers in your home. There will be messes. There will be noise. It can be a major change in a home that is usually calm and quiet. Be patient with your contractor and understand that this is a process that will take a while to complete.

You also need to work closely with your contractor on planning the room. You want it to look nice and be functional. At the same time, you need to be sure that you go over how it will change the layout and the exterior look of your home. This can be quite a shock once things are finished if you never planned ahead.

When you are considering home additions in Lancaster, there is so much more to think about than just what you want it to look like. Don’t forget the details, like tax increases, how long it will take and the overall change in the look of your home. If you keep these things in mind, the project should end up working perfectly for you.



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Contact a Deck Building & Remodeling Contractor to Create a Beautiful Exterior Living Space

In the summer, your deck becomes an extension of your home. With gorgeous sunny days and long warm nights, your deck is an added outdoor living space. It is likely a perfect space to read the latest summer book or enjoy a fresh grilled family meal. There are many benefits to building and maintaining a beautiful outdoor space, and there are several ways to creatively incorporate it into your home’s existing architecture. A deck building and remodeling contractor can help you craft the perfect deck for your home, needs and personality. There are a couple initial steps to take when designing the perfect space.

Appropriate Size

It may be tempting to automatically think bigger is better in this situation, especially as image after image of expansive and impressive spaces appear on the internet. However, you need to make sure that your deck is appropriate for the scale of your home. As a general rule, it should be 20% or less of the overall square footage of your home and it should not be bigger than the biggest interior room. In addition, you should consider the size of your yard and to what extent you want to utilize a lawn or other space. If you have children, you may want a smaller deck allowing for more grass space to play on.

Deck Materials

There are many choices when considering the material of your deck. There are several real wood options that can add natural elegance to your yard. However, you need to stain these regularly to maintain their appearance and prevent damage. If you are looking for low maintenance options, there are alternative materials including composite materials, PVC decking and aluminum. As you think through these options, you will also want to consider color. Different woods and materials will provide different appearances, and you can combine different colors and textures for interest.

Once you have selected the size and material of the deck, you can begin to add additional creative details like railing, lights, stairs and coverings. With a solid design and unique detail, your deck building and remodeling contractor will be able to create the perfect outdoor living space.

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Remodeling Small Bathrooms

Small bathrooms can be a challenge, especially when sharing between multiple people. However, just because you have limited space doesn’t mean you can’t have an amazing remodel that leaves your space feeling bigger than ever. Be prepared to get a little more creative than you normally would with bathroom remodeling. From the layout to shelving, all you need is a little inspiration and you will be on your way to a beautiful new room.

Remodeling Small Bathrooms

Use the Corners

Most individuals look at a corner and think they can put a little shelving unit in and be done. Of course, if you want to, you can do so much more. Try putting in a corner shower to take advantage of the space. If you didn’t really maximize the corner before the remodel, it will feel like you added square footage because you didn’t detract from other areas in the room.

Lose the Tub

Tubs can be relaxing, but they are not an effective use of room. In the same amount of space, you can put a shower that will feel and look bigger than that old tub. You could even stand to yield a few inches for vanity space without making the shower feel cluttered or overly small. Try using a glass door to help the overall flow of your bathroom.

Combine Spaces

If you want to keep your tub during your bathroom remodeling, that is completely fine. In this case, combine your tub and shower into one bathing space. This will help to really maximize the functionality of every square inch. Additionally, if you have two sinks, consider keeping only one to free up even more real estate.

When it comes to bathroom remodeling, having a smaller room does not mean you need to sacrifice creativity. In fact, you need even more imagination to really make the most of the area. Do not be afraid to try something new and consult with your contractor about the best way to go about reorganizing the space.

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