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Remodeling Small Bathrooms

Small bathrooms can be a challenge, especially when sharing between multiple people. However, just because you have limited space doesn’t mean you can’t have an amazing remodel that leaves your space feeling bigger than ever. Be prepared to get a little more creative than you normally would with bathroom remodeling. From the layout to shelving, all you need is a little inspiration and you will be on your way to a beautiful new room.

Remodeling Small Bathrooms

Use the Corners

Most individuals look at a corner and think they can put a little shelving unit in and be done. Of course, if you want to, you can do so much more. Try putting in a corner shower to take advantage of the space. If you didn’t really maximize the corner before the remodel, it will feel like you added square footage because you didn’t detract from other areas in the room.

Lose the Tub

Tubs can be relaxing, but they are not an effective use of room. In the same amount of space, you can put a shower that will feel and look bigger than that old tub. You could even stand to yield a few inches for vanity space without making the shower feel cluttered or overly small. Try using a glass door to help the overall flow of your bathroom.

Combine Spaces

If you want to keep your tub during your bathroom remodeling, that is completely fine. In this case, combine your tub and shower into one bathing space. This will help to really maximize the functionality of every square inch. Additionally, if you have two sinks, consider keeping only one to free up even more real estate.

When it comes to bathroom remodeling, having a smaller room does not mean you need to sacrifice creativity. In fact, you need even more imagination to really make the most of the area. Do not be afraid to try something new and consult with your contractor about the best way to go about reorganizing the space.

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MBC carpenter Tyler in recent LNP Sunday News article!

Our very own carpenter Tyler Dietrich was featured in a recent LNP Sunday News article titled: Increasing number of people with bachelor’s degrees are turning to tech training“!!

Tyler D. from MBC Remodeling, LLC

Tyler Dietrich from MBC Building & Remodeling, LLC in Millersville, PA. Photo by BLAINE SHAHAN | LNP Staff

Read the full article here.

We’re proud to have Tyler on our remodeling team!

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ICYMI: MBC President weighs in on LNP “Should you move or improve?” article!

Mike Blank, CGR CAPS, President of MBC Building & Remodeling, LLC in Millersville discusses ways to decide whether you should move or improve when it comes to your current home!

Read the full LNP Article here.

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6 Lessons Learned From A Master Suite Remodel (from Houzz)

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Mike interviewed on Fox43 about Home Remodeling Trends!

Check out MBC’s Mike Blank, CGR CAPS on the Fox43 Morning Show speaking with Amy Lutz about current Home Remodeling Trends!

Mike Blank on Fox43!


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