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Updating Your Bathroom: Why You Should Bring in an Expert

Are you considering a complete bathroom remodel in Lancaster County, PA? You’d be wise to consult an expert about your remodel, whatever your concerns may be: style, execution, or maximizing the added value to your home.


Updating Your Bathroom: Why You Should Bring in an Expert remodeling-bathroom-200x300
Styles From Classic to Quirky

If you don’t do bathroom remodels all the time, it can be hard to envision the changes that can be made, and you probably aren’t even aware of the many options available. A good contractor will help you explore different materials—for example, stainless steel sinks have begun to appear in bathrooms, not just kitchens, and they don’t chip the way porcelain can. There are also plenty of unusual lighting options that can add pizazz. Whether you’re considering a classic style or looking to express your individuality, an expert can help execute your ideas.

Get It Right the First Time

If you’ve spent much time on the internet, you’ve probably come across sets of photos showing first what the person intended to do, then their hilariously failed execution. It’s pretty funny when it’s a cake. After all, sugar and flour cost less than a dollar a pound, and ugly cakes still taste good. It’s less funny when it’s a complete bathroom remodel in Lancaster County. When you’re putting in granite or marble counters, new toilets, bathtubs, or tile, the price of materials is pretty significant. And unless you spend more time and materials to fix them, mistakes can last years.

You also never know when you’ll find water damage near bathroom pipes. Experts can often find problem areas when they fist consult about your proposed renovations, and their mastery helps prevent leaks that can cause costly setbacks in the future.

Add Lasting Value to Your Home

One of the best ways to improve the value of your home is to do a complete bathroom remodel in Lancaster County. Consult an expert today about how you can invest in your home by turning your tired bathroom into a high-quality space.

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Bathroom Storage Solutions

Most old bathrooms put form far ahead of function. When you are interviewing bathroom renovation contractors in Lancaster County, talk about how to incorporate some of these helpful and eye-catching storage solutions in your bathroom remodeling project.


Bathroom Storage Solutions bathroom-contractors-2-200x300

Carve Out a Niche

One of the most popular and easily-integrated storage options in a bathroom remodel is adding a storage niche to the bathtub surround or shower stall. Niches should be customized to your needs and leave plenty of space for the products you actually use. Why okay a tiny shelf when you need a larger nook for your fancy moisturizing hair conditioner?

While nooks, niches and shelves disrupt the smooth flow of the bathroom wall, they’re also an opportunity to add an exciting pop of color. Consider having the walls of the nook tiled with glass accent tiles to add an element of luxury and purposeful design to your storage space.

Under the Sink Storage

Though the space is primarily used to conceal unsightly plumbing pipes, there is no reason to skimp on the storage functionality of the under-sink area. Think about installing a slightly larger or deeper under-sink cabinet that can be customized with shelves and storage cubbies. Planning for storage ahead of time keeps your new bathroom counters clear while still maintaining room for all your bathroom supplies.

Add Drawers

Drawers as part of a bathroom vanity aren’t always an intuitive choice, but they pay off in spades when it comes to organization. Some beauty, first aid and grooming products are simply easier to organize in a drawer. Drawers are a more effective use of short, long horizontal space than a shelf and they can easily be filled with permanent dividers or removable organizers to further maximize their benefits.

Bathroom renovation contractors in Lancaster County are ready to make your bathroom work better with improved storage options. Start on the path to making your dream bathroom a reality today.

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Transform Your Home and Reap The Benefits

Improving your home through remodeling your kitchen, finishing your basement or even adding an addition can have numerous benefits. When you choose the right home improvement contractors in Lancaster County, you can increase the value of your home and visually enhance it simultaneously. Here are some reasons to transform your home.


Transform Your Home and Reap The Benefits custom-kitchens-1-300x200
Reasons to Renovate Your Home

When it comes to Lancaster PA home renovations, there are numerous types of renovations and remodels to choose from. If you have a large family, adding a home addition can provide you additional space to utilize and enjoy. You can even add an additional bedroom tofor a loved one and increase the value of your home simultaneously. To achieve additional space without increasing the square footage of your home, finishing your basement can be a great decision. Remodeling your kitchen is also a great decision and may even make cooking more appealing and exciting.

Traits of a Reputable Contracting Company

It is crucial to choose the right home improvement contractors in Lancaster County to ensure you are satisfied with your remodel or renovation. You should feel comfortable and not pressured into anything you do not want. It is also important to choose a company with no hidden costs to guarantee you will not be sucked into paying more than you expected. It is equally important to choose contractors that offer a long warranty in case something does go wrong. When you choose the right, reputable company with multiple years of experience, you can rest easy knowing your addition or remodel will be beautiful and detailed.

Choosing a company that avoids hidden costs and communicates throughout your remodeling process is crucial. When you find home improvement contractors in Lancaster County that value your time and money, are experts with years of the experience and do not pressure you into anything you don’t want, you will be more satisfied with the finished renovation.

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Your Kitchen Renovation: How to Maximize ROI

Having your kitchen renovated can leave you with a more enjoyable space to eat and cook in and also increase the value of your home when done right. Some renovations have a larger return on investment than others. To maximize the return on your kitchen renovation in Lancaster County, follow these tips.


Your Kitchen Renovation: How to Maximize ROI kitchen-renovation-300x225

Minimize Energy Costs and Enhance Visual Appeal

One tip for saving money is to replace your old, energy sucking appliances with new energy efficient ones. Dishwashers and refrigerators can use up a lot of energy, and this means you’re paying more money each month. Another way to increase your kitchen’s energy efficiency is to change out all the light fixtures. Enhancing the visual appeal of your kitchen can also increase your ROI. Some tips for updating the look are to replace all your run-down cabinets with new ones, install granite, re-paint the walls or replace old appliances with new ones. The contractors performing your kitchen renovation in Lancaster County canprovide additional tips for your specific space.

Choosing The Right Company is Key

Another way to maximize your investment is to choose the right contracting company to complete your renovation. You will want to avoid companies that have hidden costs because those can add up and you will be stuck throwing more money into your renovation than you originally intended to. Looking for a company with ample experience is also important to ensure you do not run into problems in the future. If something does go wrong, having a warranty on your renovation will eliminate the possibility of expensive repairs.

Once you decide to hire contractors for a kitchen renovation in Lancaster County, it can be advantageous to know the tips for maximining ROI. Replacing your old appliances with energy efficient ones can save you money down the road. It is also vital to choose a contracting company with experience and one that offers a long warranty in case you do run into any problems post renovation.

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Small Bathroom Remodels with Big Results

When you renovate a bathroom in Lancaster County, you don’t always need to gut the room to dramatically change the room’s look. Small improvements can help restore the style and function of your bathroom.


Small Bathroom Remodels with Big Results renovate-bathroom-300x200
Replace Your Fixtures and Hardware

Your first priority, of course, should be elements of the bathroom that no longer work or are damaging your home in some way. That leaky toilet has got to go! Replacing old, unsightly sinks, toilets and accent hardware throughout the room can improve the look of your bathroom fast.

Modern, high-efficiency toilets can reduce your water costs and are better for the environment. Upgrading to a more dramatic vessel sink adds style and class. Replacing dingy, dated hardware just makes you feel better about the room overall.

Use a Pocket Door to Increase Space, Privacy and Light

If your toilet is in a smaller, separate room from your bath, you can open up your entire bathroom space by choosing a pocket door. Lancaster bathroom remodeling experts can evaluate your walls and make the necessary adjustments to exchange your old hinged door for a modern pocket door. They can also construct walls to enclose the toilet. Separating out a “water closet” adds privacy and comfort when multiple people are using the bathroom space. Bathroom pocket doors can include privacy glass so that additional natural light still flows easily between the rooms.

Add a New Vanity

Even when much of the bathroom remains the same, a new vanity can make a big difference. Vanities add storage options and a work surface. Design your new vanity based on your storage needs. Consider your storage options both above and below the level of the sink. Don’t be afraid to choose a new lighting style for above the sink. Vanities allow lots of customization options, and a vanity change doesn’t require a significant disruption in your use of the bathroom. Renovate your bathroom in Lancaster County by taking small steps at a time, and you will gradually reveal the room you’ve always wanted.

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