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Why Your Home Needs a Garage

garage addition Lancaster County

While a garage may not seem like a necessity, there are many benefits which these spaces offer any homeowner that make them practically indispensable to the modern individual. Whether you’re looking for a new home or are considering a garage addition in Lancaster County for your existing home, there are some advantages which you should consider before making your final decision on whether or not you really need a garage in your life.

  1. Security

One of the main benefits of owning a garage is the level of security It provides is the added level of security it provides, particularly to something as valuable as your vehicles. Not only do these enclosed spaces protect your rides more effectively against theft, but also reduce the potential effects of rough weather they’d experience when left outside. This extends the life of your car, truck or motorcycle overall.

  1. Storage

Another major plus of owning a garage is the extra storage space. If your home also lacks a basement, you may have a real problem finding places to store your various holiday décor, tools and other important items you can’t do without when they’re not in use can be a hassle. Adding a garage for your home ensures you always have plenty of room to store these items throughout the year.

  1. Personal Safety

Protecting you during inclement weather is something that garages do best. Having one of these attached to your home means that getting from your car to the interior of your home much easier because it reduces the chances of slipping and falling due to rainfall, snow or ice.

There are many reasons why you need a garage addition in Lancaster Country, and speaking with a representative of a company that installs these spaces professionally can help you to uncover them all and get on your way to having one of your very own.

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3 Great Ideas for Your Unfinished Basement

basement finishers Lancaster

If your home has an unfinished basement, it’s not living up to its fullest potential. These spaces are oftentimes large, and with so many modern design capabilities, you have the ability to transform this otherwise useless area into something truly pleasant and enjoyable in the years to come. Before you meet with your basement finishers in Lancaster, take a moment to peruse some of these popular basement remodeling ideas:

  1. Game Room

You and your family are always looking for more ways to have fun together. However, sometimes it’s hard to find room for your game collection and various activities. By Remodeling your basement  into a game room or family area, you’re ensuring you have all the space you could need to get some real quality time with your family in the coming years and to create memories that you won’t forget. This is a fairly simple upgrade overall.

  1. Bar

Installing a bar in your basement supplies you with the perfect place to unwind after a long day and to entertain visiting friends and family. This upgrade is a bit more involved in most cases, but you can really make a splash by taking the time to choose the right material and finish for your bar and other critical details and make this a space you can enjoy for years to come.

  1. Apartment

There are many reasons why thousands of people opt to transform their basement into an apartment each and every year. This is a great way to earn a little income if you decide to rent, or an excellent way to grant visiting friends and family a little privacy while they’re under your roof. This tends to be a large project, but your efforts more than pay for themselves in the end.

While these are some of the most common purposes for a newly-finished basement, there are many more waiting to be discovered .Speaking with your basement finishers in Lancaster can help you uncover the perfect option for your home and your needs.

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Create a Great New Space With a Basement Renovation

basement renovation contractors Lancaster

Having enough space to do what you and your family want to do can be a challenge. Often, there are areas in the homes that just go unused because they are not in the right condition. Basements are one of those places that have a lot of potential to be very useful if they can be tailored to what you need. Basement renovation contractors in Lancaster can create a great new space to make your home more functional, and add value to your property at the same time.

Imagine the Possibilities

Instead of having a basement of boxes and unused valuable floor space, you have many options for home improvement projects. Choices that homeowners often decide to transform their basements include: a home theater and gaming center, an extra bedroom or mother-in-law suite, a new laundry area complete with a front load washer and dryer set and separate countertop for a convenient folding area, or even a special entertainment area with special seating and a built-in wine cooler. These are just some of the possibilities that you can choose from to make your spaces work better for you.

Build Value Into Your Property

When you have an improvement completed in your home by Basement renovation contractors in Lancaster, you are not only taking advantage of unused or barely used square footage in your house, you are also adding a strong investment to your property. This is a win-win for homeowners who are not using all of the areas in the home to their utmost potential. Think about what type of remodel would be best for you and your family in the long term, as well as what you think you would use the most. Quality professionals in the business will offer free consultations to help you decide on your next home improvement project.

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Improve Your Culinary Prowess With a Custom Kitchen

custom kitchens Lancaster

If you feel like the kitchen in your Pennsylvania home is not allowing you to live up to your culinary abilities, it may be time to reach out to a company that has experience in creating custom kitchens in Lancaster County. Perhaps you have considering putting in a custom kitchen for some time but are unsure if the ends justify the means. However, there are a few ways a custom kitchen can improve your culinary skills.

If you are struggling with limited space in your current kitchen, investing in a custom renovation can open up new space for utensils, pots and pans and prep islands. Not only will this help you cook more efficiently, new sinks, cabinets and easy-to-clean countertops can make cleanup time much easier. Creating a floorplan with the help of a remodeling company that specializes in creating custom kitchens in Lancaster County may help you better visualize a more spacious cooking hub.

A new custom kitchen can turn your old, cramped kitchen into a room where people gather to socialize. This is especially advantageous if you enjoy throwing dinner parties for your friends. Including nooks, sitting islands and bars as a part of your custom kitchen can heighten your cooking experience during these occasions, as you can entertain and prepare food at the same time.

Part of being a culinary master is having room in your kitchen for appliances that help you prepare food the proper way, and a number of plans for custom kitchens in Lancaster County include creating extra counter space for everything you need. Whether you want to create your own pasta or make sauces from scratch, a new custom kitchen would help you perfect your cooking skills.

If you are ready to look into ideas for custom kitchens in Lancaster County, remember to plan carefully, create a budget and know which features would benefit you the most before you seek out a renovation company to create your new dream kitchen.

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3 Factors to Consider When Extending Your Family Room

family room additions Lancaster

Your family room is probably the heart of your Pennsylvania home and where you spend the most time with the ones you love. However, a growing family can make that heart feel considerably smaller and you may feel it is time to call a company that specializes in family room additions in Lancaster. As you create a floor plan for your new family room, there are three factors you might want to consider that may have an impact on how you use the space in the future.

One of the most important factors in creating an extended family room is what kind of flooring you will use. For example, if you currently have carpeting in your family room, you may want to consider putting in hardwood floors as part of the renovation to make it easier to clean. Foot traffic, pet hair and spills are all common in the family room, and contractors that have experience with family room additions in Lancaster can help you decide what type of flooring is suitable for your space.

Since your family room probably includes HVAC piping for heating and cooling, it is important to consider this in your floor plan because it might need extending or changing. New pipes and vents may need to be put in or a baseboard system may require modification.

Unless you want to deal with the frustration of hiding cords and other wiring later, one thing to consider when you plan to extend your family room is where to place additional electrical outlets. When you go over floor plans for family room additions in Lancaster, think about where you plan to place your large TV, modem and router and other large electronics so they can be plugged in easily.

No matter what kind of family room additions in Lancaster you are considering, planning ahead for these three factors will help ensure a smoother renovation and improve your new room’s functionality and comfort.

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