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Keeping Your Kids Bathroom Organized During the School Year

Keeping Your Kids Bathroom Organized During the School Year bathroom-and-kitchen-remodeling-Lancaster-County-1024x683

Getting kids ready to go back to school is a big job and every member of the family will have to work hard to make sure this task is successfully completed. Areas of the home where kids spend a lot of time are also going to need prepared in order to accommodate changing schedules. A child’s bathroom is likely to require some additional attention to get organized and stay that way. MBC Remodeling is a leading provider of bathroom and kitchen remodeling in Lancaster County so we know how hard homeowners work at keeping these spaces clean, organized, and ready for use. Here are a few tips we have picked up along the way.

Remove All Unnecessary Items

Kids’ bathrooms often become catch-alls for extra items like spare towels, guest linens, and so forth. This is understandable, but unfortunately all these extra items end up making the bathroom harder to keep clean. Go through these items and clear out any that are no longer needed; there is a good chance that this alone will make lots of useful space appear! Next, organize items into bins and boxes, then label each to make locating desired items simpler.

Make Some Helpful Repairs

Children can be rough on the spaces they use, no doubt about it. Take a moment to make some helpful improvements, such as:

  • Fix a leaking faucet
  • Replace a sagging curtain rod
  • Add a fresh shower curtain and liner
  • Wash and replace curtains
  • Replace broken pieces of tile or linoleum

If more extensive repairs are required, then it is a good idea to speak with an expert. The team at MBC Remodeling has helped many homeowners improve second bathrooms, kids’ bathrooms, and guest bathrooms. Our skills are second-to-none and we work with only the most qualified builders and technicians.

Call Now for More Information

Speak with a member of our team today about your remodeling plans; just call (717) 371-5136.

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Keep Your Garage Organized With These Simple Strategies

Keep Your Garage Organized With These Simple Strategies garage-addition-Lancaster-County-2

A garage is much more than a space to safely secure your vehicle. For many families, the garage is an essential storage area where out-of-season items, special decorations, bicycles, and many other important items are kept when not in use. Pretty soon even the most spacious garage can start to seem a little cluttered. While we are always available to build a garage addition for Lancaster County homeowners, we also want to help you keep your new garage space organized. Keep these tips in mind to maximize the useful space in your current or planned garage.

Make Cleaning a Seasonal Habit

Cleaning the garage is often part of homeowners’ spring cleaning efforts. However, this means that the chore is often very time-consuming and may not even get done in time. To avoid all this added pressure during your spring cleaning routine, consider making small-scale garage clearing part of each season’s chores.

Start by sweeping out debris; this will give you a better look at what is actually being stored. Next, identify a few items that should be thrown away or given away. Periodically assessing your belongings is helpful; you can see at a glance which things haven’t been used in a while and can be safely given away. Taking even a single car load of items to the thrift store or to a charity shop will help make space for organizing.

Label Bins and Shelves

Garage clutter is a big problem for many homeowners; everything gets jumbled together and it can be hard to find specific items when they are needed. Label large bins, buckets, and other storage containers to keep your memory fresh regarding the contents – and then be sure to stick with the organizing system you have chosen! Try labels such as:

  • Holiday decorations
  • Winter coats and boots
  • Car care items
  • Spare pet supplies
  • Yard care items
  • Garden fertilizer

Remodel to Accommodate Changing Needs

You may find that your current garage is not large enough or shaped the right way to accommodate your growing needs. In that case, give MBC Remodeling a call at (717) 371-5136 and let us know how we can help.

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What You Should Know About Designing a Bathroom for Seniors

What You Should Know About Designing a Bathroom for Seniors bathroom-remodel-Lancaster-County

Accessibility concerns are common for many people and in particular for the aging generation. Designing a bathroom that is functional, appealing, and safe to use can feel like a challenge; this is why more people call MBC Remodeling when they need a complete bathroom remodel in Lancaster County. We specialize in helping people create the bathroom they have always wanted to have, including spaces with accessible shower and bathing options. In our many years of leading the way in the remodeling industry, we have picked up some helpful tips that homeowners will find useful.

Look for Ease-of-Use

There are some fixtures that are designed to be especially easy to use. For instance, certain faucet handles are easier to grasp and manipulate than others; compact, round handles can become slippery and thus harder to use. A drain plug that can be easily lifted out and set into place is likely a better choice than one that has to be carefully screwed into position. Arthritis and other conditions can make it difficult to execute the fine motions required to successfully use these kind of features; therefore, shopping for ease-of-use is important.

Thinking About Safety

The bathroom poses several potential dangers to senior family members. Slips, falls, and trips are all common household accidents and the bathroom in particular has several features that can make it dangerous to use. To prevent these kinds of accidents, design a bathroom with improved safety features. This can include:

  • Grab bars in the shower stall and bathtub
  • Grab bars near the toilet
  • A textured, non-slip bath mat
  • A shower stall without a “lip” that must be stepped over
  • A shower seat to make stall usage more comfortable and safe

Many accessible showers and bathtubs are available and they are highly compatible with most home plumbing configurations. Our team can answer all your bathroom design questions, so contact us today by calling (717) 371-5136 today.





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Creative Touches That Make Your New Kitchen Pop

Creative Touches That Make Your New Kitchen Pop custom-kitchens

There is little doubt that the kitchen is the hardest-working room in the house. Every member of the family finds their way there sooner or later; even when entertaining, guests tend to congregate in the kitchen and enjoy its cozy atmosphere. If you are an MBC Remodeling customer, then you will love sharing this space with your guests. We are a leading provider of custom kitchens to Lancaster County homeowners, so we have the opportunity to look at many designs throughout the year. These are some of the hottest kitchen design trends of the year; you will love sharing these great touches with guests and family members alike. From small vintage touches to accessible fixtures, these are some of the creative details that really grab attention.

Incorporate Your Favorite Heirloom Dishes

Glass-fronted cabinets are a great way to showcase your favorite heirloom cookware and dishes. Whether you collect old ceramic pots or want to show off your prized coffee mug collection, these cabinets are great for adding a sense of space and dimension at the same time. Many pieces of vintage cookware feature designer colors and other interesting features, so let these help set the mood for your cheerful new kitchen.

Make Space for Artwork

Not everyone immediately thinks of the kitchen as a place to display artwork, but often there is plenty of unused wall space that can be used to hang items such as:

  • Framed prints
  • Paintings
  • Children’s artwork
  • Folk art
  • Lightweight ceramic pieces
  • Textile art

In many ways, the kitchen is a family space, so sharing some of your family’s favorite pieces of art is a nice way to enhance the walls once remodeling is finished.

Select Novel Hardware

You do not have to stick with simple, streamlined pieces of hardware in the kitchen. Show a little flair with themed knob pulls or colorful faucet handles. These make great splashes of interest that will not take away from the space’s overall appearance.

Work With the Best

A great kitchen requires dependable, hardworking contractors. Contact MBC Remodeling at (717) 371-5136 to discuss your design plans.








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Unique Ways to Use a Garage Addition

Are you looking to add space to your home? A garage addition in Lancaster County is a fantastic way to add space and is typically more affordable than adding a new bedroom or living space onto a home. And who says you need to use a garage for cars and tools? Check out these unique ideas.

Unique Ways to Use a Garage Addition addition-to-house-300x225

Create an Entertainment Space

If your home is lacking space to entertain friends and family, adding to your garage is an excellent way to create more room for having company. With the proper wiring and insulation, garage space can house a sofa and chairs, a television and even a bar and refrigerator. Do you like to play your music loud or games such as air hockey or pool? The garage is the perfect place to enjoy these activities with minimal disruption to the rest of the household.

Use It as a Play Room

Again, proper wiring and insulation are important, but a climate-controlled garage is the perfect area for a playroom. You can install tiles or carpet to prevent the kids from playing on cold concrete and then add some seating, a few fun rugs and all their favorite toys. You won’t find a better place to put that drum kit Grandma got the kids for Christmas than in your garage addition in Lancaster County.

Build a Home Office

An increasing number of people are choosing to work from home at least part of the week in an effort to feel more connected to their family. If you want to be closer to your kids or spouse but still need a quiet space to work, the garage makes a perfect office. This is also an excellent option if you run a business that requires you to see clients. You can build a separate door that allows you to schedule appointments without having to let strangers parade through your home.

No matter why you want a garage addition in Lancaster County, it is important to hire a respected contractor. The remodeling company should be licensed, insured, bonded and have the ability to get any required building permits.

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