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Small Bathroom Remodels with Big Results

When you renovate a bathroom in Lancaster County, you don’t always need to gut the room to dramatically change the room’s look. Small improvements can help restore the style and function of your bathroom.


Small Bathroom Remodels with Big Results renovate-bathroom-300x200
Replace Your Fixtures and Hardware

Your first priority, of course, should be elements of the bathroom that no longer work or are damaging your home in some way. That leaky toilet has got to go! Replacing old, unsightly sinks, toilets and accent hardware throughout the room can improve the look of your bathroom fast.

Modern, high-efficiency toilets can reduce your water costs and are better for the environment. Upgrading to a more dramatic vessel sink adds style and class. Replacing dingy, dated hardware just makes you feel better about the room overall.

Use a Pocket Door to Increase Space, Privacy and Light

If your toilet is in a smaller, separate room from your bath, you can open up your entire bathroom space by choosing a pocket door. Lancaster bathroom remodeling experts can evaluate your walls and make the necessary adjustments to exchange your old hinged door for a modern pocket door. They can also construct walls to enclose the toilet. Separating out a “water closet” adds privacy and comfort when multiple people are using the bathroom space. Bathroom pocket doors can include privacy glass so that additional natural light still flows easily between the rooms.

Add a New Vanity

Even when much of the bathroom remains the same, a new vanity can make a big difference. Vanities add storage options and a work surface. Design your new vanity based on your storage needs. Consider your storage options both above and below the level of the sink. Don’t be afraid to choose a new lighting style for above the sink. Vanities allow lots of customization options, and a vanity change doesn’t require a significant disruption in your use of the bathroom. Renovate your bathroom in Lancaster County by taking small steps at a time, and you will gradually reveal the room you’ve always wanted.

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Getting the Most Out of Your Remodeling Projects

So you’ve moved into a fixer upper, and you want to start renovating. You might want to consider hiring a company that specifies in bathroom and kitchen remodeling in Lancaster County. The finished product is the culmination of much planning and decision making. You’ll achieve peace of mind knowing you have a reputable company on your side helping you make the important decisions.


Getting the Most Out of Your Remodeling Projects bathroom-remodeling-200x300

There’re Many Ways to Improve a Bathroom

When you wake in the morning, one of the first places you visit is the bathroom. Why start the day off with an unpleasant experience? Many older bathrooms functioned well in past decades but are no longer efficient. Old toilets can consume unnecessary amounts of water, and old faucets are cumbersome and hard to adjust. New mirrors and cabinets give your bathroom an updated look and new tiles can give your bathroom a cleaner look. Besides being more aesthetically appealing, a new bathroom also has the potential to save you a lot of money. Energy efficient lighting and faucets will prevent you from throwing money down the drain. A company that specifies in bathroom and kitchen remodeling in Lancaster County can assist you in making the best decisions for your new bathroom.


Getting the Most Out of Your Remodeling Projects renovate-kitchen-300x225

Ideas for a New Kitchen Are Endless

There are many possibilities when it comes to remodeling a kitchen. In some cases, a wall could be removed to create more space, or a skylight could be added to bring in natural light. If your budget is limited, a new coat of paint can help to spruce up an old kitchen. New cabinets and storage systems can organize your space in a better way. New lighting brightens up counter space and other work areas. Looking at other kitchens may spark ideas for your own kitchen. In order to keep your project moving forward, consider hiring a company that specifies in bathroom and kitchen remodeling in Lancaster County.

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Things to Consider When Remodeling a Kitchen

Facing a kitchen remodeling project can be an exciting time, but also a stressful time. You’re able to finally correct any flaws with your kitchen; however, poor planning could lead to a design mistake you will have to live with, or spend a lot of money to correct. A company you hire to remodel a kitchen in Lancaster County, remodeling contractor in Lancaster, Pa., can be an asset in making sure a proper plan is in place before a project begins.


Things to Consider When Remodeling a Kitchen remodel-kitchen-300x225
Lighting Up Your New Room

There’re many important parts of a kitchen renovation project, and how you illuminate your kitchen is one of them. Do you have a sky light? If not, this is your chance to add one. If it’s not possible, there are many other options to consider. If you always wanted a ceiling fan, you could have one installed with lights attached to it. If you spend a lot of time in the kitchen preparing meals, you’ll want to make sure you have enough lighting to properly illuminate your work space.

Decorative lighting is nice, if you have a kitchen-related collection you want to spotlight. If you’re constantly having a difficult time finding a pot inside a cabinet, you may want to have a company charged to remodel a kitchen in Lancaster County, remodeling contractor in Lancaster, Pa., install interior cabinet lights.

Take Some Time to Think About the Sink

Do you want a single or double sink? Sinks come in many varieties and shapes. It’s also time to consider the sink’s faucets and issues regarding plumbing. A faucet that pulls out of the sink with a spray may make cleaning dishes easier for you. A garbage disposal also is something to consider.

When you’re trying to answers the important questions regarding your new kitchen, consider hiring a company to remodel a kitchen in Lancaster County, remodeling contractor Lancaster, Pa. They will provide you with a checklist, so you won’t forget an important aspect of the project.

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Remodel Your Home Without Drama

You’ve been putting off remodeling your home for a long time. While you’re excited about the prospect of a much needed home upgrade, the thought of completing the process has you stressed to the max. Your fears are going to be put to rest when you hire house renovation Lancaster County, home remodeling in Lancaster, Pa. The company is staffed with knowledgeable employees and construction workers who have been remodeling homes for years. You’re going to receive the home renovation you want because the staff will spend as much time as you need to plan every aspect of the project. A solid plan is in place and the details are worked out before any work starts.


Remodel Your Home Without Drama addition-to-house-300x225

Getting Started With Your Dream Renovation

Once you’ve selected house renovation Lancaster County, home remodeling in Lancaster , Pa., the staff goes to work designing a detailed plan for your renovation project. Every aspect of the project is presented to you on the design plan. You will be informed of all municipal permits needed to complete your project. When the green light is given from your local municipality, the materials are selected and ordered. Then, it’s your chance to decide the specifics of the renovations. Do you want to order new appliances for this renovation? What color and style will be featured in the renovation? When you answer these questions, the work commences.

Let the Renovation Begin

The first step in making your renovation a reality is to start any necessary digging, concrete and brick work. Of course, proper inspections take place during each part of the construction process. Once this phase is complete, roofing, plumbing and electrical work begins. Finally, the drywall, painting and installation of your appliances take place. House renovation Lancaster County, home remodeling in Lancaster, Pa., makes sure you’re satisfied with the work, so you’re able to finally enjoy the renovation you have dreamed about for many years.

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3 Best Ways to Update Your Kitchen

For a kitchen remodel of any scale, you’ll need the best Lancaster remodeling contractors. It’s easy to envision a perfect kitchen, but you may need some help getting down to the details. Here are some ideas for inspiration as you explore custom kitchens in Lancaster County.


3 Best Ways to Update Your Kitchen custom-kitchens-300x200


Some of the latest flooring trends include luxury vinyl, hardwood and ceramic tiles. Vinyl is a great option if you like the natural upscale look of stone or wood, but prefer a smoother surface for heavy foot traffic. Hardwood floors are just as elegant, and may be better if you value durability and authenticity. Ceramic tiles are extremely versatile, and can take on the look of hardwood flooring and other textures through finishing. Lancaster remodeling contractors can help you select a style based on your budget and preferences.

Counter tops

As you check out custom kitchens  in Lancaster County, another area to focus on is counter top remodeling. Think about integrating soft patterns and neutral tones with materials like quartz to give your kitchen a sense of warmth. Instead of vibrant color usage for appliances and large surfaces, back splashes are becoming a more popular kitchen trend. You may want to consider thinner counter tops to give more prominence to a colorful back splash and other understated details.

Custom Cabinets

There are many ways to upgrade your cabinets for aesthetic appeal and increased usability. Consider floor-to-ceiling cabinetry or built-in appliances for a more efficient kitchen experience. If you have dishes to display, simple features like glass cabinet doors can add extra visual appeal. It’s also fun to experiment with new and fresh color schemes, such as having your cabinets painted white.

Exploring custom kitchens in Lancaster County can be a fun project with results you’ll be able to enjoy for a long time. Connect with the best Lancaster remodeling contractors to begin planning your new and improved kitchen.

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