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Should You Remodel Your Bathroom?

Should You Remodel Your Bathroom? Should-You-Remodel-Your-Bathroom-200x300

You may feel the time is right for a new bathroom , but are concerned about the expense and time commitment involved in a complete bathroom remodel in Lancaster County. Many people who remodel their bathrooms are glad that they took the steps to improve their homes and wish they would’ve undertaken remodeling earlier. With financing options and professional work from experts, bathroom remodeling can be convenient, affordable and increase the value of your home.  The benefits of remodeling include improved:

  • Function
  • Appearance
  • Value

Breathing New Life into an Old Bathroom

If your house is relatively old, chances are the bathroom does not function as well as it once did. Not only do old bathrooms need refurbishment once in a while to remain attractive, it may be a hassle to work with outdated faucets, worn bathtubs, and inefficient toilets. Old-fashioned toilets tend to consume excessive amounts of water and can be responsible for an astonishing 30% of the water waste in the home. Upgrading your bathroom with new equipment can pay for itself in the long run with a complete bathroom remodel in Lancaster County.

Keeping up Appearances

Many people form an impression of a home by looking at the bathroom. You may clean your bathroom on a daily basis, but if it surfaces are worn out it is hard to create a fresh look for old materials. Consider installing granite or marble countertops and sinks that are easy to clean and have an elegant look. Add high-quality touches such as cabinetry with a rich wood finish. Don’t forget special touches such as classic light fixtures and small, glass-topped tables that will add charm and beauty to your bathroom.

A Wise Investment

Upgrading your bathroom  does not only make the time you spent at home more comfortable and pleasant, but it can improve the value of your home. This is particularly true if you install high-quality materials such as granite and marble. Add LED lighting to save energy and attractive highlights. For advice on how to increase the value of your home, consider a complete bathroom remodel in Lancaster County.

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It’s Time for a New bathroom

It’s Time for a New bathroom It’s-Time-for-a-New-bathroom-200x300

If you’re tired of your bathroom and want a new design, consider contacting home improvement companies in Lancaster County that can suggest ways tomake the most of your space or a complete remodeling. When considering home décor, it is easy to focus on the living room and bedrooms, but many people ignore the busiest room in the house. A bathroom should provide convenience and comfort and can have spa-like features that can help you make the most out of a soak in the tub.  When considering your options for bathroom remodeling  take a look at the:

  • Sink
  • Cabinetry
  • Floors
  • Toilet
  • Bathtub or shower

Great Ideas for Floors

Bathroom floors should be attractive and prevent slipping.  High-quality vinyl is versatile and easy to clean. If you want to upgrade your bathroom , look for custom ceramic tiles, porcelain or natural stone. Porcelain is often higher grade and ceramic although both options are durable and can blend in with any type of décor. Stone adds anatural look to your bathroom and provides a unique touch. Marble may be costly but it has unparalleled excellence that adds classic elegance to your home. Lighter colors can make your room appear larger and add a light, crisp feeling to your bathroom.


Cabinets can represent a substantial investment for bathroom remodeling project, but if you discuss options with home-improvement companies in Lancaster County, you may be able to find low-cost cabinetry. You may decide to fix your current cabinets up with a coat of white lacquer until it is time to spring for new cabinets. For a fresh look, you can resurface your current cabinets with oak panels or add mirror treatments or frosted glass panels.


It’s often convenient to have countertops made of the same material as the sink. Some of the most attractive and low maintenance options include marble or granite which can be cleaned easily but are more costly than porcelain. You can find discount sinks and countertops made of granite or marble produced from a stone scrapyard. Laminate and Formica tops can mimic the appearance of marble but are less expensive than the genuine material.  To find the right combination of cost and quality, discuss your options with home-improvement companies in Lancaster County.

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How to Start a Home Renovation Project

How to Start a Home Renovation Project How-to-Start-a-Home-Renovation-Project-300x225

Starting a home renovation project can be scary. It involves an investment of both your time and money. Those investments could require some sacrifices from you and your family. When doing home renovation in Lancaster County, you need to get the project started right to eliminate unexpected problems that require more money and time than were budgeted for.

Decide on the Project

First, you need to decide exactly what the project is going to be. Most people are only able to afford one remodeling project at a time. While a kitchen remodel generally has the biggest return on investment, it is also one of the most in depth renovations. Your first step will need to be deciding on what the project will be and what your budget is.

Find a Contractor You Trust

Next, you need to locate a contractor and construction company that you trust. It is important to find someone that listens to what you want and does not try to sell you on extra things. You also want to make sure that you can trust them to show up on the scheduled days and complete the job in the given time frame. A trusted contractor will also offer you a detailed quote up front with everything in writing so there are no surprise expenses at the end of the job.

Show Examples

When discussing plans with the contractor, it is a good idea to give visual examples of what you are hoping to achieve. This will allow whoever you are working with to understand the vision you have in mind. A home renovation in Lancaster County is a big investment! You should be 100% satisfied with the result and the best way to do that is to clearly communicate your expectations.

Invest your time and money on a project that you are proud of. Home renovation in Lancaster County can make your vision of your home come to life.

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Achieving a Mold-Free Basement

Achieving a Mold-Free Basement Achieving-a-Mold-Free-Basement-300x225

If you are like countless other Americans, you love the idea of a finished basement but may be afraid of the dreaded moisture issues you hear about so often. Fortunately, if you choose to undergo basement renovations in Lancaster County, you can avoid many of the common problems that plague basement spaces just by implementing a few tried-and-true practices. Consider these tips when trying to achieve a mold-free basement.

Vapor Barriers

Taking the time to put down the proper vapor barriers is the most important way you can keep your basement free of moisture and mold. The contractor in charge of your basement renovations in Lancaster County should know the best practices for laying vapor barriers under flooring and along your walls. The trick is to cover everything thoroughly to create a closed space that cannot be penetrated by moisture, and thus cannot accommodate the growth of any mold.


Improper insulation is one of the biggest contributors to mold in basements. A good practice is to frame out the basement walls instead of installing furring strips because this type of construction is much easier to insulate. Rigid polystyrene insulation should be glued directly to your foundation wall. Another ideal alternative, although a little costlier, is spray foam. This material gets into all the little cracks and crevices that can allow moisture and cold to seep in. It is also important to seal all insulation joints with special tape. The key is to keep the warm basement air from contacting the cold basement wall, which could result in a buildup of condensation and mold.

Avoid Low R-Value Concrete Paint

Although concrete paint does have its applications, in most cases it is best to forgo using a lower R-value concrete paint and opt for framing and insulation instead. Concrete paint barriers are easy to improperly apply and are very unforgiving if they fail.

Basement renovations in Lancaster County can result in mold-free spaces if you only know what needs to occur. Ensure your contractor follows these tried-and-true practices for the best results.

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How to Choose Flooring for Your Basement

How to Choose Flooring for Your Basement How-to-Choose-Flooring-for-Your-Basement-300x225

One of the most common issues people have when finishing their basement is choosing what flooring to use. Although it may seem like a quick and easy choice, the reality is not quite so simple. Basement renovation contractors in Lancaster County often see people who have chosen to use an improper type of flooring that does not work well in basement conditions. Avoid this during your remodel by following these simple tips.

Consider the Conditions

Even if you haven’t had any moisture problems in your basement to date, that doesn’t mean that you won’t have them in the future. Basements are notorious for mold, damp, and seeping water. In this type of environment, it is best to use water-resistant materials such as ceramic or slate tiles, or vinyl. Carpet, woods and cork floors are more likely to be irreparably damaged if you have a water issue, and can be expensive to replace. Talking to basement renovation contractors in Lancaster County about your flooring choice can help you avoid any future issues.

Consider the Options

When you look at the types of flooring that are appropriate for basement conditions, you may feel unsatisfied and pigeon-holed into using a material that you do not like. Fortunately, there are many different style that you can choose from to match your design. If you are a lover of wood finishes but don’t want to deal with moisture problems, you can choose a faux wood grain tile. These offer the look of wood without any of the hassle. Wood finishes are also available in vinyl flooring. Both tile and vinyl offer a wide variety of finishes that can please even the pickiest of designers.

Basement renovation contractors in Lancaster County of advise their clients to choose a durable, moisture-resistant, economical type of flooring that works in their budget. With these parameters, you can end up with a strong floor that will last for years.


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