15 Trends and Ideas For Finishing Your Basement

15 Trends And Ideas For Finishing
Your Basement In Lancaster County

Turn Your Damp And Dark Space Into
A Cozy Finished Basement

Are you a Lancaster County homeowner who’s tired of your damp, dark basement? Are you looking for ideas on the latest trends to transform it into a beautiful, practical, finished space?

If so, you’ve landed on the right webpage. In this article, we explore 15 current trends and ideas for basement finishing. This list will help you gather inspiration for YOUR project and guide you to the finished basement you’ve been dreaming about. Let’s get started!

Make A Home Office

With many people having to spend more time at home than in regular offices, having a private home office is essential. Turning your basement into a personal office will help alleviate a lot of the distracting sounds you would hear on the main floor. It will also allow you to finally make those Zoom calls in peace.

A Kids Playroom

Having a playroom in the basement can allow kids to be as wild as they want while keeping the mess hidden from the main part of your home. And as the kids grow, you can adjust this playroom into a game room for older kids, so that it grows with them.

Personal Gym

Tired of going to the gym every day? Or maybe you would workout if you only had the dumbbells at home? If so, turning your basement (or a small section of it) into a personal gym would be a healthy choice for any homeowner to make.

Theater Room

For homeowners who love watching movies, turning their basement into a theater room is going to be one way that they can enjoy staying at home and better utilize the basement space. With comfy seating and a large TV or projector screen, this can easily become your go-to activity for a night in. And it takes the comfort of cozy finished basements to a new level!

Sports Room

While you cannot play a ton of different sports in your basement, there is always pool, ping pong, table hockey, and even arcade-like games. Turning your basement into a sports room is going to make your basement the highlight of the neighborhood.

Guest Suites

Do you have a lot of overnight guests in your home? Turn the basement into guest suites that would rival a hotel! With all the space that a basement offers, you can easily make several guest suites so that those who stay with you feel like they are staying in luxury!

Wine Room

For wine lovers, turning their basement into a space that not only stores their wine properly but offers seating for tastings and gatherings is a cozy finished basement idea that will be a huge hit with family and friends! Consider adding in wine fridges, bar tops, stools, and of course wine racks for storing this wine.


For many people, the idea of having another kitchen in their basement (aka a kitchenette) is a useful way to reimagne an underutilized basement. This is especially great for those who may have an older parent moving into their home to stay.

Gaming Room

With the number of gaming systems out there, including virtual reality, having space dedicated to playing the games is a dream for many die-hard gamers. Complete this space with a large television, comfy seating, and tons of space to ensure no VR fails!

Library And Reading Nook

If you love to read and want to do this in silence, turning the basement into a library with a reading nook is going to be pure joy for the readers in your family. With comfy seating, tons of shelving for books, and good lighting, it will be an area that grows with your home.

An Open Design

An open design is essential for cozy finished basements and is a design trend that is being seen in every basement remodel. Keep this design as open as possible, ensuring that it feels welcoming and large!

Add The Bathroom Of Your Dreams

Many people would think that putting a bathroom into the basement is nearly impossible, but it is not. And this can be your chance to design the bathroom of your dreams with heated floors, clawfoot tubs, jet tubs, and the like. Turn this into a spa experience that will help you to unwind every day.

Be Inspired By Nature

When it comes to basement trends for cozy finished basements, nature is a huge inspiration. While lighter colors are being used, many people are letting nature influence the wood they use to decorate.

Make Your Basement An Extension Of Your Home

A huge trend for basements is to make this extension of the main floor. You will want to turn this unfinished space into something that is usable, yet also goes with the rest of the home. Don’t approach this as an area of your home that others don’t see, this can easily become where everyone spends the majority of their time!

For home renovations in Lancaster, PA, including turning your basement into a cozy cove that you can enjoy, MBC Remodeling is here to make it happen. Turning your basement into usable space is a great way to make the most of your space while adding value to your home.

We offer free consultations to determine how to turn your basement into cozy finished basements, so contact us today to get started! Let us handle whatever idea you have for your current basement.

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