2020 Kitchen Storage Ideas For Your Kitchen Remodel

Storage is one of the most essential elements of your kitchen. If you have a limited space, there never seems to be enough. Even if your kitchen is spacious, storage can make a difference between a kitchen that looks sleek and neat and a kitchen that looks cluttered. Homeowners are always looking for creative and stylish ways to add storage to their kitchen remodel, and those trends can change over time. Here are some of our favorite kitchen storage ideas being used in 2020:

Backsplash Storage

Your kitchen backsplash is a fortified part of the wall used to protect the wall from any water that might splash as you wash the dishes. Often, tile is used for the backsplash, but with an innovative outlook, you can also use your backsplash for storage. Many homeowners opt for a pegboard backsplash, on which they can hang kitchen utensils, as well as pots and pans. A magnet backsplash can be used to store spices in containers with a metallic bottom. This frees up space in your cabinets and it looks quirky and modern as well.

Nesting Table Attachment

Some homeowners are opting to get multifunction from their storage by having a nesting table built into their cabinet. The table lays flat when not in use, so it doesn’t take up any extra space. However, when you need the extra counter space for cutting up ingredients or other prep, lay the table out and make use of it. In using this nesting table for prep, you also free up your counters to be used for storage if need be.

Under Island Shelves

Kitchen islands remain attractive. They can serve as prep space, dining space, and yes, even storage. Many homeowners are having shelves built underneath their kitchen islands. These shelves can fit small or aesthetically pleasing dishes, as well as cookbooks, recipes, or knick knacks that simply add to the aesthetic appeal of the space. Kitchen storage will always be an important consideration when remodeling your kitchen, but with the right inspiration — and the right team at your back, adding more storage to any space is a breeze. Contact MBC Remodeling today for more information on kitchen remodeling or to set up a free consultation.

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