3 Best Ways to Update Your Kitchen

For a kitchen remodel of any scale, you’ll need the best Lancaster remodeling contractors. It’s easy to envision a perfect kitchen, but you may need some help getting down to the details. Here are some ideas for inspiration as you explore custom kitchens in Lancaster County.


Some of the latest flooring trends include luxury vinyl, hardwood and ceramic tiles. Vinyl is a great option if you like the natural upscale look of stone or wood, but prefer a smoother surface for heavy foot traffic. Hardwood floors are just as elegant, and may be better if you value durability and authenticity. Ceramic tiles are extremely versatile, and can take on the look of hardwood flooring and other textures through finishing. Lancaster remodeling contractors can help you select a style based on your budget and preferences.

Counter tops

As you check out custom kitchens  in Lancaster County, another area to focus on is counter top remodeling. Think about integrating soft patterns and neutral tones with materials like quartz to give your kitchen a sense of warmth. Instead of vibrant color usage for appliances and large surfaces, back splashes are becoming a more popular kitchen trend. You may want to consider thinner counter tops to give more prominence to a colorful back splash and other understated details.

Custom Cabinets

There are many ways to upgrade your cabinets for aesthetic appeal and increased usability. Consider floor-to-ceiling cabinetry or built-in appliances for a more efficient kitchen experience. If you have dishes to display, simple features like glass cabinet doors can add extra visual appeal. It’s also fun to experiment with new and fresh color schemes, such as having your cabinets painted white.

Exploring custom kitchens in Lancaster County can be a fun project with results you’ll be able to enjoy for a long time. Connect with the best Lancaster remodeling contractors to begin planning your new and improved kitchen.

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