3 Classic Looks for Your Pennsylvania Bathroom

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Classic refers to something that’s relatively unaffected by the ebbs and flows of popular trends. Fads are sometimes in for a short time, only later to be considered completely distasteful. A bathroom renovation in Lancaster County should therefore go with the classic, ignoring the transient ideas of today. Here are three types of looks that you can count on.


The modern industrial era has produced a variety of sleek, shiny objects. Porcelain tile and chrome are among the materials that have come out of the contemporary movement. Glass showers work well with contemporary themes. Shutters can open things up or offer privacy, depending on the time and use.This look is among the most popular for remodels.Lighting is up to you, but consider using a dimmer switch to give each occupant his or her illumination preference


Installing a powerful heat lamp may make a space technically warm, but even a little knotty pine can do wonders for creating an inviting feel by means of your bathroom renovation in Lancaster County. Tumbled marble and shell-based materials have a similar effect. Fixtures made of natural materials add even more character. By combining the right materials with the right colors, you can give the space an especially warm look.


This is an especially good choice if you have a guest bathroom or one set aside for the kids. Putting together a tile mosaic or using attention-grabbing shades of color can make for a fun environment.To further dress up the space, consider placing an inspirational quote on the wall or a couple of posters. A funky bathtub such as a classic claw foot can be a great addition to this high-energy space.

Your bathroom renovation in Lancaster County can be an expression of your personality. Whether you’re looking for a space that’s warm, contemporary or especially bright, you can accomplish your goal with the right efforts in the research and planning stages.

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