3 Exciting Changes for Your Kitchen

Kitchen additions Lancaster

It’s time to face facts: your kitchen is too small. Sure, you can cook a few items on the stove and there’s room for all your mismatched coffee mugs, but as soon as company comes over and congregates in the cooking area it becomes a disaster. The solution is not to move away or set fire to your house, but rather to start considering some kitchen additions in Lancaster. There are so many things that can be done to make your kitchen better, and here are three you should definitely consider.

  1. An Island That Doubles as a Table

Having a central prep area is a must for anyone who loves to cook. While a big island can limit what you’re able to do with the rest of the space, an island with stools and an overhang so people can sit comfortably allows for guests to hang out without getting in the chef’s way. The kitchen is a social area, and you should treat it as such.

  1. Multiple Sinks

The dishwashing station is a common site for traffic jams as people try to clean plates, wash their hands and fill water glasses. If a second sink (perhaps in your new island?) is one of your kitchen additions in Lancaster, you’ll find it much easier to move through the space.

  1. Rolling Drawers in Deep Cabinets

Big cabinets are great for storing big objects. The problem is that things can get lost in the dark abyss of a cabinet that stretches back three or four feet. When you put drawers in those cabinets that can extend out with all your items, that problem is instantly solved.

Investing in kitchen additions in Lancaster will not only create the cooking space you want, it will also increase the resale value of your home. Once you start cooking in your own custom kitchen, you won’t know how you ever got by before.

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