3 Factors to Consider When Extending Your Family Room

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Your family room is probably the heart of your Pennsylvania home and where you spend the most time with the ones you love. However, a growing family can make that heart feel considerably smaller and you may feel it is time to call a company that specializes in family room additions in Lancaster. As you create a floor plan for your new family room, there are three factors you might want to consider that may have an impact on how you use the space in the future.

One of the most important factors in creating an extended family room is what kind of flooring you will use. For example, if you currently have carpeting in your family room, you may want to consider putting in hardwood floors as part of the renovation to make it easier to clean. Foot traffic, pet hair and spills are all common in the family room, and contractors that have experience with family room additions in Lancaster can help you decide what type of flooring is suitable for your space.

Since your family room probably includes HVAC piping for heating and cooling, it is important to consider this in your floor plan because it might need extending or changing. New pipes and vents may need to be put in or a baseboard system may require modification.

Unless you want to deal with the frustration of hiding cords and other wiring later, one thing to consider when you plan to extend your family room is where to place additional electrical outlets. When you go over floor plans for family room additions in Lancaster, think about where you plan to place your large TV, modem and router and other large electronics so they can be plugged in easily.

No matter what kind of family room additions in Lancaster you are considering, planning ahead for these three factors will help ensure a smoother renovation and improve your new room’s functionality and comfort.

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