3 Luxury Ideas to Create a Relaxing Environment In Your Master Bath

Your master bathroom is one of the places in your home where you want to feel most comfortable. After all, this is where you bathe, where you get ready for the day, and where you cool off before the end of the night. If you can’t be comfortable in your bathroom, it’s hard to feel comfortable elsewhere. But sometimes you want to take that comfort to the next level. A luxury bathroom is sure to impress the guests, as well as satisfy you and raise the value of your home. Here are a few ideas to start brainstorming:

A Free-Standing, Soaking Tub

A bathroom that only has a shower can feel cold and clinical. You can get yourself clean every morning, but there’s little room for relaxation. That’s why many homeowners prefer to have a tub, even if they usually shower. A tub allows you the occasional day when you need to just come home and soak away the stress of the day. A free-standing tub feels even more luxurious. It’s the kind of element that says, “Don’t rush. Give yourself a break.” Grab a favorite book or a glass of your favorite wine and settle in for a bit.

A Dressing Area

In a standard bathroom, the morning routine includes kicking off your clothes on the bathroom rug and placing your new clothes on the counter for after the shower. Adding a closet to the bathroom gives you a little more organization and comfort. You can hang your new clothes up and even have a little dressing area to yourself after your shower. It’s the kind of non-essential luxury feature that allows you to feel pampered in your own  home. 


Skylights add natural lighting and ambiance to your bathroom, as well as a lovely view. They also offer more privacy than typical bathroom windows, as there’s little chance that anyone will be looking down into your home. With a skylight, you can enjoy the natural lighting and outdoor views while also having the peace of mind to know there won’t be any uncomfortable breaches of privacy. What does luxury look like for your master bathroom? Whatever it might be, you need the right remodeling contractor. Contact MBC Remodeling today for more information or a free consultation on your bathroom remodel.

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