3 Room Additions That Add Valuable Space To Your Home

Is your home short on space? Are you looking for ways to maximize the space that you have and would like to know if adding on to your home is going to be worth the investment? Let’s take a look at some popular room additions in Lancaster County that will absolutely add space and value to your home.

Home Office

Adding on a home office will give you a space to work in that is quiet and peaceful, making you more productive and focused. A home office can make it easy to keep your business organized and if you have clients in your home, it can make your business seem more professional.

Adding on a home office can give you back the valuable space that your office currently uses in your home. This will enable you to get your office and everything that goes with your business, out of its temporary space (which is usually your bedroom, living room, or kitchen) and allows you to use that space as it was intended once again. In other words, you get your bedroom, kitchen, or dining room back!

Bathroom or Bedroom

As our family grows, so does the joy in our hearts at each new phase we find ourselves in. Unfortunately, though, our homes do not grow right along with us. In time, two or even three kids are sharing a bedroom and EVERYONE is sharing two bathrooms. It is at this time that you realize your home just isn’t big enough anymore and something must be done.

Among the most common home additions in Lancaster County is an extra bedroom, bathroom, or both. Adding an extra bedroom or bathroom will not only add back the much-needed space that a growing family must have, but it will save you money. Homeowners that outgrow their homes will likely end up moving into a larger, more expensive home when simply adding a bedroom or bathroom to their current home is a much cheaper solution to this problem.

Second Story

Did you know that it is likely possible to add an entire second story to your home? There are many home additions in Lancaster County that have added a second story, drastically increasing the square footage of the home. Adding a second story is also a great idea if you already have a smaller yard or lot. Go vertical! You can add extra bedrooms, bathrooms, or an entire guest quarters for relatives.

If you’re ready to add some space and value to your home with a home addition, MBC Building & Remodeling can help. Our experts can give your home a complete custom remodel or a simple one-room addition. We believe in only the highest standard of quality workmanship and we offer warranties on our labor. Call us today for your free consultation.

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