3 Tips for Remodeling a Fixer Upper

Fixer uppers can be an attractive option when looking for a new home for a few reasons: you can often negotiate a lower list price, find a home in the neighborhood you want for less, and you have the chance to put your own stamp on a home with a unique character. But once you’ve moved in, the remodel might seem a little daunting. Don’t be intimidated to start your remodel. With MBC Remodeling at your side and these helpful tips, you’ll be ready to make your fixer upper everything you dreamed and more.

Consider When to Remodel

When remodeling a new home, you can choose to have it remodeled before you move in or after. Many homeowners prefer to have their home remodeled before they move in so that they don’t have to live through a remodel. Your first day stepping into your house as the new owner will greet you with a fully finished home, remodeled to your design preferences. If you choose to remodel after you move in, make sure that you set boundaries and have a routine that makes living through the remodel manageable for your household.

Be Practical About DIY

For some jobs, you might be able to do it yourself. Repainting the bedroom, decorating, maybe even some carpentry if you’re handy. But major remodels, especially of rooms like kitchens and bathrooms, will often require a professional. Even if you’re DIY savvy, professional expertise can help you to make your vision for the room a reality, and you can rest in confidence knowing that the remodeling team is insured in case anything goes wrong on the job. For the bigger projects, it’s best to hire a team — and it will be better for your peace of mind, as well.

Go For ROI

When making upgrades to a fixer upper, make sure you’re looking for upgrades that offer the best return on investment. Upgrades with great ROI include energy efficient options that save you money on heating and cooling throughout the year, durable upgrades that will serve your home for years to come, or popular upgrades that will boost your home value if you plan to sell in a few years. The point of purchasing a fixer upper is to save money, and upgrades and remodels that are good for ROI will keep the benefits coming.Need help remodeling your ROI? Contact MBC Remodeling today for more information or to schedule a free consultation.

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