3 Types of Room Additions

Thinking of adding a room addition? A room addition is an excellent way to allow your house to grow with your family, rather than having to move and start over. It can reflect a change in lifestyle, such as picking up a new hobby or deciding to work from home. And the extra square footage is a certain way to add value to your home in the event that you sell it one day. The question is what type of room addition you want to add to your home. Here are a few popular types of room additions:


Expand on a Current Room

Feeling cramped in a small kitchen or bathroom? Living room not big enough to entertain? Rather than adding an all new room to your home, you can add square footage to a room that gets heavy traffic. Often, it’s kitchens and bathrooms that are expanded, allowing for more prep space in the kitchen or new bathroom features. This will not only make your home more comfortable and livable for you, but it will likely add value to your home in the event that you want to sell it in the future.


Bedroom to Suite

Another popular option for a room addition is to make a bedroom into a suite. This is most often done with master bedrooms, but you can make a bedroom suite out of additional bedrooms, as well, like a guest suite. This adds a small bathroom — complete with a bath or shower — adjacent to the bedroom, so that you can use the bathroom or shower without having to go into the main part of the house. This is a level of comfort and convenience that many homeowners love, as well as additional privacy.



Natural light is not only beautiful, but it’s been shown to have a proven positive impact on our moods. A sunroom allows you to take in the most natural light possible as well as beautiful outdoor views without actually having to be outdoors. Sunrooms are also versatile themselves. They can be used as a lounge or a breakfast nook, a playroom, an entertainment area or a game room. Sunrooms are a popular home feature that will likely boost your home value even further.


These are just a few of the types of room additions available to you. Ready to have a room addition of your own installed? Contact MBC Remodeling today for more information or to get started with a free consultation.

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