3 Ways to Incorporate Accessible Design Into Your Remodel

Even if everyone in your household is able-bodied, incorporating a more universal, accessible design into your remodels might not be a bad idea. You never know when you’ll have guests who might need those accessibility tools, and everyone’s needs change as they age. Fortunately, incorporating accessible design might be easier than you realize. Here are just a few ways to incorporate accessible design into your remodel.

Base Cabinets

Bending down to retrieve something from the base cabinets of your kitchen can be a pain when you have back or joint pain. One way to make your home design more accessible to all is to raise base cabinets a few inches off the ground. This will keep everyone from having to bend down quite so deeply to reach them. It also leaves room for wheelchair footrests, and elevates the kitchen as a whole so that things like microwaves, ovens, and dishwashers are all easier to reach.

Wider Doorways and Walkways

It’s easy to design doorways and walkways for people who simply walk on their two feet. A typical doorway comfortably has room for one person to pass through, maybe two. However, this can be a challenge for those who get around by wheelchair. Some walkways and doorways can be claustrophobic at best and impossible at worst. Most wheelchairs are 21-32 inches wide, so your walkways should leave ample room for both those moving by foot and those moving by chair to get through.

Include Grab Bars

Anyone runs the risk of slipping in the bathroom occasionally. Wet floors, fog, and slick surfaces can all make bathrooms occasionally tricky to navigate. For those who have chronic pain or difficulty with mobility, this risk is much more threatening. It’s a good idea to install grab bars near the toilet and shower, as well as non-slip mats to reduce the risk of slipping in the shower. Baths that open at the side are another way to make bathrooms more accessible to those with mobility issues.Interested in making your home remodel more accessible? Let MBC Remodeling help! Contact us today for more information or to schedule a free consultation.

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