3 Ways We’ll Ensure Your New Deck Looks Great And Performs!

3 Ways MBC Remodeling Will Ensure Your
New Deck Looks Great And
Performs Better!

Because These Little Details Really
Make The Difference

Here in the Lancaster, PA area, the word’s been getting around about MBC Remodeling and our seasoned, decades-old approach to new decking projects.

We’re not just another fly-by-night general contractor (GC) moving from city to city, taking any job that comes down the pike until we’ve burned too many bridges…we’re not a newcomer either. Our founder has nearly a half-century under his belt alone. All this means is that you get the personable, 5-star, CARING treatment you’re hoping for when you work with our team.

Whether you’re looking for something sleek and somewhat simple that perfectly matches the aesthetic of your home like this (the following images are from our Decking Gallery):

Or, perhaps you’ve got something much grander in mind. Maybe a deck that might require a bit of extra maintenance but also offers tons of functionality and becomes a big part of your lifestyle at home. Something like this, maybe:

We’re going to take great care of you by ensuring every fine detail is JUST right. Let’s look at three easy examples. Should they be standard for all remodelers? We think so. Then again, we set our quality bar as high as possible for the families who choose us.

Stronger, Longer-Lasting Posts

Speaking of standards, your average Lancaster GC will build your new deck’s framing – an absolutely critical part of everything – using 4×4 posts. Will it be quality wood? Hopefully! But why 4×4? Well, they’re not cheating you because the posts will be technically within code…

But we use 6x6s. This is because they’re stronger and will hold up much better long term. Pretty simple, right? And just think, if typical GCs gladly cut this corner to save themselves time and money, what other low-bar standards are they resting on?

Taking Time For Polish

When it comes to composite decking systems, here’s one small detail that takes some time to do but adds that final smooth finish: adding the hidden fasteners across the top! They’re like plugs that go over the screw holes, so you can’t see them. In addition to the fasteners, there are tons of screws! And you want to make sure you’re using quality screws. From here, you’ve got the plugs. These also need to be in good shape!

Rest assured, our installers aren’t in a rush. They’re patient, deliberate, experienced, and procedural.

Deck Placement Consultation

Because many one-man-band GCs or small inexperienced crews are usually scurrying to fill their calendar with work, they’ll be afraid to add any friction to initial consultations. They’re ‘yes men’! They’ll just nod and agree in hopes of getting your signature on the contract.

We’re pretty busy every year, which is why we’re careful. We’re going to take the time. For example, what if you want to place the new deck in an area that gets a lot of sun? What if, on top of that, you want a darker-colored finish? We’ll work with you to find a better placement or arrangement or at least thoroughly educate you on just how HOT composite decking surfaces can get from direct summer sunlight.

Long story short, always learn as much as you can about your contractor!

In Conclusion

Can you get quick, easy, and cheap decking tossed on your Lancaster home? Sure. Contractors who can manage this come a dime a dozen.

But if you want a truly magnificent deck both in terms of aesthetics…and QUALITY (materials & installations), Contact MBC Remodeling. Share your vision and goals with us, and let’s see if we’re a good fit. Thanks!

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