4 Home Renovations That Make Your Kitchen Look Larger

There are several home renovations that can improve the look and feel of your kitchen. If you have a smaller space, then it is smart to prioritize upgrades that will make this area of your home look larger. Here are four of the top home renovations in Lancaster, PA that can visually increase the size of your kitchen.

 1 – Light Paint Colors

One simple way to make your kitchen look larger is to use light paint colors. A lighter, neutral hue makes it look like you have more space. In addition, lighter colors can enhance the natural light.

2 – Large Windows

Another way to increase the size of your kitchen is to add larger windows. When the windows are larger, it is easier for light to enter the room. Also, large windows can help the outside and indoor environment flow. When this happens, it can appear like the space is one large area instead of two.

3 – Less Contrast

Contrasting colors and patterns are often appealing during home renovations in Lancaster, PA. However, they do not always add visual space to a room. When you have a smaller kitchen, it might be better to use similar colors on your cabinets, countertops, and backsplash. This allows the eye to look at one large color instead of a few different areas of color. As a result, the room looks larger.

4 – Lighting

Good lighting can also add visual space to a room. When you are choosing lights, make sure to avoid anything that is overly bulky. This can close off a room, making it look smaller. Instead, look for clean fixtures or consider can lights.

When you choose the right home renovations in Lancaster, PA, it is easier to make a small area look larger. If your kitchen feels small, contact a contractor to help you choose the right materials and upgrades for a visually larger space.


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