4 Of Our Favorite Master Bathroom Trends For 2020

A master bathroom is a coveted luxury for many homes. It’s convenient, private, and allows you to feel a little pampered, as if you truly do have your own separate suite. So homeowners take care to cultivate the best, most comfortable master bathroom possible in order to fully enjoy that luxury.

Are you still searching for inspiration for your upcoming master bathroom remodel? MBC Remodeling has you covered. We remodel master bathrooms all the time. Here are few of our favorite master bathroom trends that we’ve seen in 2020.

Soaking Tubs

Your master bathroom should be a place of luxury, a place where you can truly rest after a long day and relax. A deep soaking tub allows you to do just that. A soaking tub usually stands on its own, sometimes in the middle of the room, and has plenty of room for an adult to sink in and enjoy a warm, calming bath. No need to rush, just take the time to let both the dirt and the stress roll off your shoulders.

A Rustic Touch

With the fiberglass surfaces and clean tile, bathrooms can begin to look a little too…white. The stark, clean look works for some homeowners, but what if you prefer a little bit of character and warmth? You can incorporate that into your master bathroom with more of a rustic design. Industrial sinks, exposed brick, or wood accents such as wood touches on the vanity can all give your bathroom a little more warmth and life.

Soft Blush

If you’re still looking for an alternative to a bright white bathroom but the rustic style isn’t for you, consider opting for something softer. A light pink or peach wall color can give the room the appearance of a soft blush, and it will make your white tiles as well as your finishes stand out that much more. It doesn’t take a very deep color. Just enough consistency of that subtle shade can make all the difference.

Glossy Tiles

It’s essential for your bathroom tiles to be waterproof, of course, but it also helps if they’re easy to clean…and look great to boot. Glossy bathroom tiles allow the light in the room to reflect off of them in a serenely beautiful fashion, especially glossy tiles with a deep color to them. Your iles could almost create a watery feeling, depending on the shade. And because of their slick, shiny surface, they’re easy to clean. Just make sure to put down a no-slip mat first for when you’re drying off.

Thinking about remodeling a master bathroom this year, or even adding a master bathroom to your space? Let MBC Remodeling help! Contact us today for more information or to set up a free consultation.

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