5 Amazing Trends in Kitchen Design in 2022

2022 brings some unique and stylish trends to your kitchen.  There are a myriad of customization options from tile to cabinets this year.  Because of all of the changes our world has seen over the past few years, homeowners are truly turning their homes and kitchens into liveable and comfortable spaces with as many amenities as possible.  If you are thinking about updating your kitchen, the time is now.

MBC Remodeling is ready to help you make your new kitchen remodeling project come alive with the top fascinating trends of 2022, where you will see both nature make an appearance and also be able to up your tech game.  We are a top kitchen remodeler in Lancaster, PA, and can help with all of your kitchen and bathroom remodeling projects. With new color schemes, a return to nature and sustainability, and some very custom options, MBC Remodeling can help to make your kitchen ready for these new trends and create the kitchen of your dreams.  Here are the top five new stunning trends in kitchen design.

The Trends

There are five very unique and fun trends happening in 2022.  Here is what to look for when remodeling your kitchen.

Super Unique Tile

From hexagons to backsplashes that actually have dimensions and texture, you will see a huge flip towards uniqueness here in 2022.  Yes, it’s time to turn your kitchen into a modern space filled with variations of color and style, which gives your kitchen a truly geometric feel.

Natural Color Palettes

Green, green and green!  Bringing nature inside and brightening up your space with cues from the outdoors is truly a trend in 2022.  All shades of green are popular, especially the lighter moss shades, and you will see this accented with some baby blues and whites as well.  Calming, peaceful and with a bit of pastel accent, this is the time to update with the newest colors on the market.  Think serenity within nature.  Natural foods, natural living and natural color palettes all merge to create a beautiful and welcoming space.

Customizable Appliances

Haven’t we always been able to customize our appliances?  Well, this is a bit different and once again that word “unique” is a trend in 2022.  Once again, this trend stems from more homeowners working from home and turning their homes into a true lifestyle.  From the kitchen to the living room, we are seeing this change happen.  Customizable appliances allow you to customize your appliances to match with your cabinets, so there is a level of sophistication, craftsmanship, and uniqueness all around.  No one else will have a similar kitchen.  By doing this, you can also bring in that natural wood element to accent those beautiful shades of greens and blues.

Rounded Edges

No more straight lines!  It’s time to bring on the curvature again, deriving from a natural cue that no two things in nature are the same.  Change has come and rounded edges on countertops and even rounded walls are taking over.  You can even customize your cabinets to be rounded on the edges, bringing a softer side to your kitchen.  This, along with the beautifully textured backsplashes, the color palette, and the customizable appliances, shows a direct ascent back to a natural living style, but with the modern touches needed.

Extend That Living Room

This is an interesting trend for 2022.  Many homeowners are actually using the kitchen as almost part of their living room.  Extending the kitchen into the living room space not only gives you more room, it creates unity within the family.  This open space concept can help your family feel together while also adding some natural elements as well.  Some homeowners are even adding actual trees as accent items to direct a way from the kitchen directly into the living room.  There are so many possibilities, but once again, a trend of nature, togetherness, and living is truly different from the modern years past.

Sustainability is very important, and using recycled materials and natural ones in the kitchen space is responsible and popular.  Using natural stone and adding plants to your home is very much a part of many homeowners’ lifestyles and MBC Remodeling can help you figure out what type of kitchen is right for you.  These amazing trends in kitchen design in 2022 show that life is changing and that our homes are becoming our true sanctuaries.

MBC Remodeling keeps up with the current bathroom and kitchen design trends.  We are experts in this field and licensed as well.  If you are looking for a company that can provide both craftsmanship and design expertise, we are here to serve you. Our reputation and our desire to serve our community are important to us at MBC Remodeling.

Ready to start some of these wonderful kitchen remodeling trends in your home?  If you’re in or directly around the Lancaster, PA area, feel free to contact us with any questions you have and we are more than happy to walk you through the process.

Our gallery is filled with our completed projects for kitchen remodeling, so feel free to check it out. It’s time to make your kitchen unique this year!

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