5 Home Additions You Might Never Have Thought Of

We all know about certain home additions. For instance, if you’re growing your family, you might install a nursery. If you decide to start working from home, you might have a home office added. You might install a guest room to make room for friends or take in a tenant. But these are just a few of the most common types of home additions. There are other home additions that can be added to your Lancaster County home that might be less conventional, but could add a number of benefits to your whole family.


There’s plenty of science out there about the benefits of natural sunlight. It can help you feel more energized and focused during the day and even help you sleep better at night. More sunlight in your home can also help you to rely less on electric lighting during the day, which saves energy. You can enjoy all these benefits plus a gorgeous view by installing a sunroom. These days, sunrooms are often made with technology to be enjoyed year round, with sturdy frames and durable windows and screens.


Have a green thumb and a love of nature? Consider a conservatory as a home addition. Conservatories, like sunrooms, face outward and let in plenty of light, but the purpose of that light in this case is to allow your hanging and standing plants to flourish. In fact, your sunroom can function as a conservatory, or you can have a separate conservatory installed. If you have a great backyard garden, a conservatory that faces it could add an element of comfort and tranquility to your home.

Extra Floor

So you bought a one-story home, but what you had in mind was a second floor. Why not add on another floor? A second floor or an attic as a home addition has endless possibilities. You can use it for an office or add extra bedrooms. You can even set up a fully functioning suite with its own small kitchen to rent out by AirBnB or even for more permanent tenants. This may be a more drastic home addition, but it can be exactly what you need to make your home the home of your dreams.

Garage or Basement Revamp

Although it might not be a conventional home addition, creating a new space out of what you already have can be a smart way to curate the home of your dreams. If you live in an area with weather that doesn’t require the car to be covered, consider converting the garage into a new bedroom, gym, or studio. If you need your garage, you can remodel the basement to much the same purpose.

Pool or Hot Tub Room

Think about the friends you had growing up. If someone had a pool, chances are theirs was the house where everyone wanted to go. An in-ground pool is especially coveted, and when that pool is enclosed, you can enjoy it year round. This is a luxury home addition, to be sure, but one that can add significant value to your home — and plenty of enjoyment in the meantime. Interested in a home addition for your Lancaster County house? First, you’ll need the right remodeling contractor. MBC Remodeling can be trusted to provide excellent service and customer satisfaction. Just look at our Better Business Bureau rating — an A+. Contact us today for more information on possible home additions or a free estimate.

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