5 Ideas for Your Small Bathroom Renovation

Do you have a small bathroom? No need to lament over your lack of space. Just because there’s not as much there doesn’t mean you can’t renovate your bathroom in Lancaster County. Consider a few things you can do when remodeling your small bathroom.

  1. Go Big Where You Can

You may not have the option to install a huge jetted tub or personal vanity, but you can make up for it in other ways. If your bathroom has a shower, install a large shower head. Large mirrors can also help extend the space in the room.

  1. Get Glass

Glass may be the secret to success for your small bathroom. Think about adding a glass panel around your shower or tub when you renovate your bathroom in Lancaster County. Replacing your shower curtains with glass will make the room appear more spacious.

  1. New Flooring

Put an exciting new flooring in your bathroom; since the space is smaller, the cost won’t be as high. You can go for something a little more expensive since you won’t be getting much work done.

  1. Bring on the Drama

You know that bright yellow you wanted to paint your room when you were a kid? Or how about that fancy hand carved sink that caught your eye at the home improvement store? It’s harder to go over the top in a small space, so go ahead and choose fixtures or accessories you normally might think are a bit too much.

  1. Incorporate Storage into the Design

Sneak in storage with a mirrored medicine cabinet, shelves that are built into the wall or shower, or under a sink skirt. Make visible storage spaces more pleasing to the eye by adding simple decorations or placing everyday items such as cotton balls or toilet paper in classy containers.

Don’t wait for a big bathroom to get the look you love. Make the most of what you have when you renovate your bathroom in Lancaster County.

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