5 Pain Points That Drive Lancaster Homeowners To Remodel

5 Common Issues Or Pain Points That Drive
Lancaster Homeowners To Remodel

See If You’re Included In These Groups Of People Or Not

If you’re getting ready to start a major home remodeling project, are you aware of the deeper pain points driving the decision? This insight is invaluable! Over the years, we’ve talked to countless Lancaster County homeowners and repeatedly encountered the same problems.

In this article, we’d like to go through them with you. It’ll be fun!

Because once you have a good handle on the deeper driving problems, you can get a remodel you absolutely fall in love with – aesthetically, financially, and functionally. While these issues are similar in nature, everyone has their own unique way of approaching or solving them.

Let’s dive in.

Aging In Place Issues

Aging In Place solutions focus on making a home or parts of the home safer and easier to access. At MBC Remodeling, we have a certification in this area of expertise through the National Association Of Home Builders and AARP.  We’re specialists who truly understand the real-life benefits of these products, systems, and accessories following ADA guidelines.

Whether it’s improving the flow of the house, upgrading to appliances with front-facing buttons, or widening doorways and building ramps with handrails, we’re accustomed to adapting the design to the situation as it is ‘now’ while thinking ahead.

Space Woes – Opting For Open Floor Plans

Open floor plan remodels in Lancaster County are increasingly common. Maybe you’re looking to create one large space for eating and entertaining. Perhaps building out a larger master bedroom. Whatever it is, the project usually involves removing walls.

Things get trickier when we talk about moving plumbing systems, rewiring and reworking the electrical system, working around load-bearing walls, etc. A million little things you don’t think about pop up…and each one impacts the budget.

Kitchen Layout Problems

These projects are all about getting the kitchen, or we’ll call it the food-prep area, to flow properly.

Not just in general but specifically for how you and your family operate. This often happens with new owners dealing with how previous owners set things up. Your usability might not match theirs – where things are placed, the height of counters, cabinetry styling, etc.

Non-Existent Or Small Bathrooms

Do the kids need their own bathroom? Do you need a guest bathroom? Is the master bathroom too small or dysfunctional? Because Bathroom Remodeling can have the largest impact on resale value, many important decisions must be made.

  • We keep our eyes on the ball and follow the bathroom remodeling industry. Not in a superficial way, but in a professional way so we can always offer our customers the best.
  • With so many successful projects under our belts, we have vast experience working with materials, products, fixtures, accents, flooring, accessories, and styles.

Unutilized Space – Basement/Attic Remodeling

Have a basement or attic literally collecting dust? Looking to utilize it? From new living spaces to man caves, our Basement Remodeling approach is focused on creating showroom-worthy results that enhance your home and your life.

Plus – we offer a full 5-year Warranty on all of our projects. How many other local Lancaster County contractors do that?

Ready To Attack The Problem Head-On?

Reach out and Contact Us. We’re happy to give you the time you need, get your initial questions answered, and start the process of dramatically improving your home.

We want to dig into the issues with you and design personalized solutions with long-lasting impacts. Thanks for your time today, and we look forward to hearing from you soon.

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