5 Small Home Additions That Give a Big Impact Without Breaking Your Budget

Reason For An Addition

There are several reasons you might want to do a small addition as opposed to an extensive remodel. If this is your first home, you probably have a few things you would like to change. Maybe your budget for home improvement will only allow for smaller projects at this time. Small additions can go a long way in making a significant impact on your home, and are perfect for your house addition in Lancaster County. Here are some ideas that might be just what you need for your next addition.

Dormer Windows

The first place to think about when getting a house addition in Lancaster County done is the outside of your home. Small changes done to the exterior of your home will result in a considerable difference in the overall look of your home. A great small addition that will not only affect the exterior of your home but will also impact the interior is dormer windows. If you want a change that makes your home look completely different, dormer windows can do just that.


Maybe dormers are not your thing, but you would like to change your home’s exterior. Another choice of house additions in Lancaster county that can be done small but still make a big difference in your home is a deck. The best thing about doing a small deck addition is you can decide exactly how much you want to spend at this time and then, later, easily add to it to create even more outdoor entertainment area. It is a great small project that you can enjoy changing through the years as your life changes.

Screen Room

Another exterior project you might think about is a screen room. A screen room is an excellent way to expand your home entertainment area and have a less expensive plan because you don’t have to use insulation or walls. A screen room is a great place to relax on a summer night without dealing with all the bugs that can make outside evenings not as enjoyable.


If instead, you concentrate on the interior of your home, then a small addition that has become very popular is nooks. You can add a nook to most rooms in your house. You can add a breakfast nook to your kitchen. Maybe a sitting area for your master suite would turn that space into the more luxurious space for you. A nook is just adding a small room to an exterior wall of your home. This little addition can make a tremendous impact on most any space.


Maybe your family has outgrown the number of bathrooms in your home. The addition of a bathroom or half bath can make the most significant impact on your home in several ways. The convenience of having an extra bathroom is the most significant difference of course, but bathrooms are always a wise investment in the long term for your home. You can take a little-used closet and turn it into a half bath. You can add a small room to one wall of your home’s exterior next to your master bedroom to create an awesome master suite. A bathroom is another addition that is a significant investment.

If you want to make a change in your home but you don’t want to break your budget, a small addition is the way to go. You can increase the value of your home and make a change that you can enjoy every day. You can make a significant impact on your home when you choose even the smallest additions. At MBC Remodeling, we do house additions in Lancaster County, NO MATTER what the size. It doesn’t matter if you want to add a pantry, closet, one bedroom, several bedrooms or a huge family room, we would love to complete your project for you. We do complete projects from start to finish, so you have no worries. We will listen to your wants and help you create a plan that will work with your budget. So call us today at (717) 371-5136 for your free consultation.

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