5 Themes You’ll Find Inside Our Google Reviews

5 Common Themes You’ll See In Our Reviews

Don’t Take Our Word For It – See What Our Clients
Have To Say About MBC Remodeling

You can tell a lot from reviews. Does the company arrive on time? How is the quality of their work? Do they treat customers and their homes with the utmost respect?

Sure, the overall company review rating provides a snapshot of a company’s commitment to quality and service. But to learn the specifics about a Lancaster County home remodeling company, you have to look deep into the reviews.

What do they say?

In our reviews, there are no skeletons. And we encourage you to take a deep look. And when you do? You’ll find these five themes repeat themselves.

#1. Quality

Quality comes first at MBC Remodeling. Without beautiful, customized home remodeling results, our commitment to excellent customer service means very little.

So, we take a number of actions to ensure your remodel turns out fantastic. We use top-notch materials, superb installers, and detailed processes that ensure your remodel is exactly how YOU want it to be.

As a result, you’ll see numerous quality-related mentions in our reviews. Here are three that stand out:

  • “We were very impressed with the promptness, preparedness, and quality of work we received from the MBC team.” Courtney W.
  • Very happy with the work done by MBC Building & Remodeling. Mike was great to work with! Will use them again for future projects.” – Sandra P.
  • “When taking the tile off Mike and his crew did run into a few problems, but they were able to work through those problems. They did a good job keeping the mess under control. When they were finished, you could not tell the old stuff was even there. I am quite pleased with the work they did for me.” – Joe J.

We guarantee that our commitment to pristine results that fit within your budget will apply to your future home remodeling projects with MBC Remodeling as well.

#2. Respectful

Respect is few and far between with home remodelers – MBC Remodeling breaks that mold.

It starts with who we hire – and we hire genuinely kind and considerate individuals. You can’t “train” or “teach” friendliness.

Frankly, if they’re not respectful, we won’t consider them. We don’t care if they’re the best installer in the world – rudeness isn’t allowed here.

And since it’s a top priority, we’re very proud of our reviews that refer to our respectful nature. Here are three that warm our hearts:

  • “Patrick was very respectful and communicative during the renovation.” – Luke S.
  • “No company is going to be perfect, but with MBC, you know you’re getting honesty. We put a down payment of several thousand dollars on our large addition, but during the financing process this got missed. I had totally forgotten about it, and halfway through the project Mike mentioned that he saw it was missing from the bank finances. He could have never said anything and just pocketed the money, but he didn’t.” – Elizabeth D.
  • “Between Trish, Gerardo, and Mike, someone was at our house every day, and we were able to answer questions and get answers timely. As with any renovation, there are things that don’t look the way you, as the homeowner, envisioned them, and we were able to and, in fact, encouraged to voice any questions so that if a change was needed, it could occur right away!” – John M.

Ultimately, we treat you and your home the way we want to be treated – the way we’d expect to be treated if we were the client.

#3. Timeliness

We’re either slightly early or on time – being late isn’t an option. Aside from the rare instance where traffic holds us up or we’re facing a life or family emergency, we’ll always be there when you expect us.

More than that, we always communicate – you’ll remain in the loop from the consultation to cutting the ribbon after your remodel is complete.

And our commitment to timeliness makes your home remodeling experience better. But don’t take our word for it – see what our clients have to say about our timeliness:

  • “The crew was on time every day. Their attention to detail and quality is top-notch. They finished my basement within the timeline and budget agreed upon.” – Kathleen D.
  • Timeliness exceeded what we were anticipating. The initial quotation was very detailed and organized. MBC listened to what we wanted and worked with us for what we wanted. Communication was great from both Patrick and Mike, and we love the finished product.” – Louis L.
  • “I like a contractor that shows up early! They were always on time or ahead of time in the mornings” – Andy H.

We’re especially proud of our timeliness-related reviews. It lets us know that we’re doing a good job and that our commitment to the customer doesn’t go unnoticed.

#4. Great Value

Are there other companies that offer great products from proven manufacturers? Absolutely.

So, what’s the big differentiator? Price.

In addition to top-notch products that are pristinely installed by full-time, experienced professionals, we offer great value.

Are we cheaper than “Random Joe, the home remodeler” who has been in the business for six months? Probably not. But we’re far from the most expensive, either.

Here are several reviews that refer to the great value we offer:

  • “He appreciated my budget constraints and never made me feel as if I were finding the “cheap’ way around a project.” – Robin H.
  • “We were highly satisfied with their skills and craftsmanship as well as the transparent pricing and managing of the projects.” Eva S.
  • “Our project was far more economical than other estimates that we received.” – John M.

We also discuss your budget at the very beginning and stay within it. Once we give you a price in your proposal, that’s the number you’ll pay – we won’t change the price even if the costs end up higher than anticipated.

#5. Cleanliness

Last but not least, we value cleanliness. We park where we’re supposed to and clean up after ourselves each day.

You’ll see reviews that allude to our dedication to leaving your home cleaner than we found it. Here are several cleanliness-related reviews that we love.

  • “Best of all, they cleaned up after themselves. They will be my first call for all my home projects going forward. Thanks MBC!” – Bob C.
  • “Every day when the workers left, they were great, even down to cleaning up everything. Things were put up, and they were professional and friendly.” – Dave S.
  • “His crew was on time, polite, tidy, and respectful of my home.” – Karen W.

If you want a proven home remodeling company in Lancaster, PA that puts the customer first, contact MBC Remodeling today for your free and accurate quote.

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