5 Types of Rooms You Might Add to Your Home

What kind of room is your Lancaster County home missing?

Room additions can be an exciting change. Not only does it extend the space in your home, but it signifies a change in your life in one way or another. There are many types of rooms you could add to your home, but with the right contractors, your room addition construction can be done as comfortably and efficiently as possible, so you can start enjoying your new space.

Here are a few of the room additions we see most often:

Bedroom or Nursery

Maybe you just found out there’s going to be a new addition to the family and need to make space. Or maybe you’ve reached a point when you can have guests over and you want more space to allow them to spend the night if necessary. Even if you have enough bedrooms for everyone in the house, it never hurts to have a spare in case of guests or, well, the unexpected. Without an extra bedroom, there’s bound to be points when the house can start to feel a little cramped. And even if you don’t need it yet, it’s nice to have it and can serve as a storage space until you do.


This goes along the same lines. If you’re going to have more people in your home, whether your family or long-term guests, you’re going to need more bathrooms for everyone’s sanity. Other homeowners add a bathroom to their master bedroom for easier access, privacy, and comfort. A bathroom addition can be more complicated because it requires access to plumbing, but once again, with a professional construction team that knows what to do, it’s just as possible as any other room addition.

Home Office or Studio

You finally started your own business or got a job that allows you to work from home. Hurray! But if your home isn’t built to work from home, you may need to make a room addition so you can have an appropriate workplace. Home offices and studios alike should be large enough for you to feel comfortable but not so large that you find yourself distracted, and there should be plenty of natural light. You may not have to add on a whole new room. It’s possible you could just expand an existing room and fit your home office into one corner. However, if you’re prone to distraction, a separate room might offer you the privacy and focus you need.

Dining Room

Not all homes have dining rooms already built, and not everyone needs a dining room. Many homeowners, especially single professionals, are content to eat in the living room or find a little nook somewhere where they can eat. However, if your family has grown recently, or you plan to do more entertaining in the near future, a dining room is a must. The best plan is to add the dining room on next to the kitchen, or somewhere between the kitchen and living room if possible. There should be easy access to both the kitchen and the main entertainment space in the home. An open concept is especially popular if you can manage it.


Sometimes the room addition isn’t a necessity, but it can certainly improve your home. A sunroom offers you a place to enjoy the sun year round, and it can have several different functions. Maybe it can serve as a breakfast nook or an additional entertainment space. Maybe it can serve as your kids’ playroom. You can even use a sunroom as your studio, home office, or an indoor garden. Whatever you choose, the beautiful extended views, floods of natural light, and the added home value makes a sunroom a popular room addition to many homes.

If you need quality contractors to help with your room addition, trust MBC Remodeling. We have over 20 years of experience with various home improvement jobs. Contact us today for more information or a free quote.

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