5 Ways MBC Remodeling is Different than Other Remodeling Companies in PA

There are no shortage of remodeling companies in PA, some contractors and others full companies with their own teams. But MBC Remodeling stands out for the rest. We’re committed to providing our customers a truly remarkable experience to our customers. Want to know what makes MBC Remodeling different? Here are just a few reasons:

Truly Custom Designs

Some remodeling companies offer their customers templates because it makes their job easier. They know exactly what’s needed for every project so they can finish it more quickly. But at MBC Remodeling, we understand that every home is different and homeowners have different needs and preferences. So every project that we take on for your home is truly customized to your preferences. We start with a free consultation where you tell us your vision for the space, and then we work to make that a reality.

Constant Communication

Communication is key when it comes to a successful remodel. Too many remodeling companies spend most of their communication in trying to convince you to work with them, and then asking for payment when the job is done. Our team is available constantly to answer any questions that you might have and keep you abreast of any changes that occur over the project.

No High Pressure Sales Tactics

We’ll never try to pressure you with hard-sell tactics during our free consultation. All we’ll do is lay out what we have to offer and let you make the decision. Other home improvement companies will try to pressure you into making a decision right away by telling you that the price will go off if you don’t decide immediately or that they’ll only offer a limited time for you to make your decision. This is to ensure that you don’t consult with other home remodeling companies. At MBC Remodeling, we let our excellence speak for itself.

Longest Warranties

It’s not just about how the home remodeling will look at the end of the project. It’s about how long it will last. If a remodeling company offers short labor and material warranties, that speaks to a lack of confidence in their work. MBC Remodeling offers exceptional material warranties as well as 5 year labor warranties, the longest warranties in the business.

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