A Basement Remodel For The Holidays

Why Should You Remodel Your Basement For The Holidays?

The holidays are right around the corner, and you may have always wanted a fun and unique space in your home for extra guests and get-togethers, so why not remodel your basement for the holidays?  Here at MBC Remodeling, we have an incredible group of licensed professionals who can help you achieve an incredible basement space that you can use for out-of-town guests, enjoyment with friends and family, or just a place to enjoy a calming and relaxing time.

First, you want to start with the idea of how you will use your basement during the holidays

Holiday Festive Parties

Have a big party planned for the holidays? There is no better time to start your basement remodeling project than right now! Imagine your family coming together into a space that is insulated, plumbed, and filled with holiday cheer. A festive space with bright lights shimmering, champagne glasses toasting, and the warmth of togetherness all in a brand new space that you can show to all of your guests. So many families celebrate their holidays in a remodeled basement space and it’s a wonderful addition to your celebration.

A Get-Together Space for Activities

Perhaps you are thinking about adding a game room or an activity center with a pool table for your holiday guests.  A basement remodeling project is perfect for this. MBC Remodeling can help by giving you a free estimate, ensuring no leaks in your basement, setting up the exact layout, and helping you achieve a wonderful area that can be used for the holidays and beyond.

A Bedroom for Out-of-Town Guests

We may never fully be prepared for having out-of-town guests in our homes, but we definitely want to make them feel at home while they visit. Especially during the holiday times, they need a beautiful space that is a bit separate from the rest of the family to have a sense of privacy and calm during those big holiday events where everyone gathers around to tell stories and share experiences. A basement bedroom is not only wonderful for resale value, but it can be quite useful for guests, friends, and family during the holiday time.

A Hideaway for Relaxation

We all indeed need time away to relax during the holidays, but being able to wind down during the holiday season is a must, and a basement remodeling project can turn your basement into a calm and serene space just for that.

Decor Ideas for Holiday Inspiration

Now that you have chosen how you will remodel your basement, it’s time to think about the decor and beautifully-inspired holiday adornment. If you are setting up the basement for a lounge area for guests to be able to move about, relax, and talk, it’s a great idea to have several lounge chairs and a gathering area with a decorated holiday table filled with snacks and drinks. This will increase the time spent in your basement space. The proper lighting is always helpful.

During the holiday, a feeling of warmth can be achieved through holiday string lighting throughout the space and either flush-mounted ceiling lights or high free-standing lamps nestled behind the couch areas. Small and glittering decorations can be accents to tabletops, hanging wreaths on walls are a special touch for wall decor options, and silver and gold accent pieces are a beautiful choice for increasing the lighting and shimmer effect in the space.

When choosing a home improvement company, it’s important to find one who is an expert in basement remodeling. Here at MBC Remodeling , we offer experienced and licensed professionals and a deep understanding of how to complete your basement remodeling project. What sets us apart is our reputation and our mission to adhere to our core values—with ethics as a mainstay.

Ready to get your basement remodeling project started for the holidays?   If you’re in or around the Lancaster, PA area, feel free to contact us with any questions you have, and we are more than happy to walk you through the process.   

Check out our gallery for inspiration and decor ideas for the upcoming holiday season!  It’s really the best time right now to get started on your basement remodeling project as the holidays are approaching soon!  Make this holiday season a time to remember and cherish for years to come.

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