A Dramatic Elegant Bathroom Remodel In Matte Black

Matte Black

When you are choosing a color for your new bathroom, you may ask your bathroom remodeling contractors in Lancaster County, ‘what exactly is the color matte black?’ They will tell you that matte black is a dull or a satin black pigment which is applied to the surface of a metal. Matte black has become very popular recently for anything high-tech. You will see a matte black finish on anything from electronics to luxury cars. Now, the newest trend for matte black finishes is in homes.

Start With Black

Black has always been a favorite color for bathrooms. Using black as the primary color or adding it as a pop of color are both ways that we have seen black used in bathroom decor. The choice for black was always a shiny, jet black that had more of a stark, modern look to it. Homeowners are choosing warmer, more attractive home interiors that still have that modern feel. Matte black accomplishes a warm, inviting modern feel and look that has become increasingly popular.


There are so many ways you can ask your bathroom remodeling contractors to use matte black finishes in your remodel. One of the most beautiful avenues you can take is with tile. Black matte tiles come in many styles and types. You can choose from porcelain, slate, ceramic, granite, or stone types of tiles.

If you want a more natural look and feel, you will want to choose a slate or stone tile. You can get a matte black stone or slate tile in a range of colors from smoky charcoal to a deep, warm black. You can choose to go natural all the way with the classic cut and size of the tile, or you can give it a modern twist that is stunning by selecting a slate or stone tile in a hexagon shape. You can mix ceramic tiles to add textures or granite for a more expensive look.

Finishes With Black

Fixtures for your bathroom also now come in matte black. You can choose a traditional, modern, trendy, or rustic faucet in a matte black finish. Most choices of showerhead styles come in a beautiful, matte black finish. You can get a vessel or standard sink in a matte black finish. Vessel sinks come in a stone look that will blend perfectly with a more natural bathroom decor or glass that gives a sophisticated look. You can create a head-turning centerpiece to your bathroom remodel by adding a matte black freestanding soaking tub as a final touch.

The Stage

When you think of your bathroom remodel, you think of a unique piece like a tub as your focal point. Your faucets and tile are the main parts you see but what ties it all together is your stage; in other words, your walls and vanity. You will want to choose a more neutral color for your walls. White, gray or a marble effect will look stunning. You can make your vanity matte black, smokey grey, or white, and it will not upstage the rest of your decor. You can choose as little or as much matte black as you want in your remodel. It is a great way to customize a bathroom to suit yourself and your style.

Choosing matte black for your bathroom remodel can give you a trending, new, and exciting finish. You can use matte black to make your bathroom remodel whatever style you choose from rustic to modern. At MBC Remodeling, we follow all the hottest trends in bathroom remodels. We are ready to create the matte black bathroom of your dreams. Our designers can help you choose just the right tiles, faucets, shower, and tub to blend perfectly with your wall color. So give us a call today to get started.

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