A Porch For Summertime In Lancaster County

Summertime is a time for fun. You love to entertain long into those warm summer nights, but entertaining inside your home can be confining and not feel much different than wintertime. The answer is a new porch that brings your entertainment area outdoors. Home improvement contractors in Lancaster County can give your home a porch that meets your every entertainment need.

Cozy Conversation

One very important part of a new porch is thinking about what you want in terms of entertainment.  One of the types of entertainment areas that is always welcome in a new porch from MBC Remodeling is a cozy conversation area. This can be achieved with sweet country rockers in a secluded corner of your porch. Young and old alike love to spend time in country rockers.

You can also include a set of swings that bring back memories of swinging with your cousins at Grandma’s house or with a sweetheart on a starry night. Swings always add an element of fun and make an area very personal. Adding an extra set of wide steps that lead to another area of your yard can also be a great idea. The steps can be a lingering stop for your guests or they can wander on to the next level of your yard down a pavestone path, maybe to a flower garden or rope swing hung from a tree.

Party Time

If you like to party all night, a porch is the place to party. You can make each area of your porch the place to be. A wraparound porch is perfect for making party areas. You can have tables with benches built into your porch design or you can just have a bench built in and add a table that matches your porch decor. Creating a favorite place on your porch with tables for eating al fresco can really bring people together and bring the party to life.

Another fun area to add to your outdoor entertaining space is a dance floor. You might want this area of your porch to be more secluded or front and center, but dancing always makes for a fun party spot. A screened in area on your porch will add an inviting place for your food or just a cozy sitting area to enjoy the night air without losing the private indoor feeling.

If your porch is just for family gatherings then a must-have is a game area on your porch. From built-in checkers tables to a fun floor built just for movie watching. Home improvement contractors in Lancaster County can give your family the perfect porch for them this summer.

Now that summertime is almost upon us, it’s time to start thinking about taking all the fun outside. The first place to find fun should be your own home. Your guests will want to come back time and again when you entertain them on your new porch from MBC Remodeling. Our years of experience will make your dream entertainment porch easy to achieve. We will guide you through the design process so that it includes all the elements that will fulfill your families needs for entertaining outdoors this summer. So call today to visit with a design consultant to get your summertime fun started.

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