A Sure Sign You Chose The Right Home Improvement Contractor

Upfront & Sincere Honesty,
Even When Issues Pop Up!

We’d like to share a quick story with you about a Bathroom Remodeling project we did here in Lancaster, County, PA.

Things didn’t start off too well…

Sometimes, mistakes happen. No matter how professional, careful, or how prudent and planned you are when approaching projects like these, we’re only human after all.

So what went down was, on Day One as we were pulling the old tub out of an upstairs master bathroom during the initial demolition phase, a water line accidently got clipped and caused a leak. And yes, it soon made an ugly mark on the downstairs ceiling.


And because this happened right at the onset of the project, needless to say the homeowner was worried…

First Thing’s First – An Honest Conversation

Here at MBC Remodeling, we don’t cover up mistakes; big or small. We don’t slap on some quick fix, and hope homeowners miss them. We don’t play the blame game either, if we run into another contractor’s error in judgment.

Instead, we owned up and immediately had an honest conversation with the homeowner to show them what happened and discuss exactly what we were going to do about it. This is one of our calling cards if you dig into Our Local Reputation – we’re going to treat your home like it’s our own!

  • Alleviate her fears.
  • Stop the leak.
  • Patch the ceiling.
  • Get everything repaired.
  • Make it look like new.

It’s not that she was unhappy. It was just that she needed to know everything was going to be okay, and she would be well taken care of. The good news is that the rest of that master bathroom remodel went completely smooth…not one more hiccup.

Thanks to our crystal-clear and proactive approach to communication, she and her family were always in the loop throughout each major step and informed on the day to day. Quality control measures were on high gear and the results were stunning.

The bathroom ended up looking soft in design, functional, and welcoming, like this:

You Need A Bathroom Remodeler You Can Trust

Home improvement isn’t easy. It’s not supposed to be completely 100% stress free either. And it’s not something you can trust with just any old contractor here in Lancaster County, PA. Issues will pop up. Mistakes can happen. And when they do, you need to be informed and everything needs to be handled with a seasoned, professional approach.

If you’re thinking of remodeling your bathroom, or adding one to your home, don’t hesitate to reach out and Contact MBC Remodeling. We’re proud of our award-winning excellence, and long-standing record of customer satisfaction. Call today, and we’ll be happy to take the time and help you through the initial steps.

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