A Trendy Bathroom Remodel in Lancaster County

An up-to-date bathroom and kitchen remodel in Lancaster County is one of the best investments you can make in your home. The amount of return on your investment makes it not only a smart move financially, it also gives you a bathroom or kitchen to enjoy every day. A trendy bathroom can take your space from dull and outdated to shiny and up-to-date.


What makes a bathroom trendy? Trends happen because people see what is new and exciting and they want it so it becomes a trend. Trends change as often as the season but the designers at MBC Remodeling have experience with trends and can guide you through the choices you make so that each choice is a trend you will love for the long run. Some trends are timeless. One trendy bathroom this year is a Mediterranean style bathroom. Mediterranean style bathrooms will be beautiful for years to come.


The biggest choice you will make in your bathroom remodel will be materials. You can choose trending materials that are beautiful and long-lasting . You will want to choose a tile that is up-to-date and beautiful. Maybe you want your bathroom tiles to be for a trendy Mediterranean inspired bathroom design. You can choose tiles that bring the Old World feel of Spain or Portugal. If you want a trendy New York style bathroom you can choose classic white subway tile or a dark sleek black hexagon tile that speaks New York. Whatever your style, the designers at MBC Remodeling can show you tiles that make your bathroom an up-to-date trendy room that you will be proud of.


What style do you want your newly remodeled bathroom to be? Maybe you want it to be easy to use. If you are remodeling a family bathroom, this is probably high on your list of wants for your new bathroom. One of the newest trends for ease of use in today’s bathrooms is wet rooms. Wet rooms replace built-in bathtubs with an easier to use shower/tub wet room. Wet rooms are a great addition to the bathroom. The wet room can be very family-friendly but also can be very spa-like if you are wanting a private retreat. If you want an easy to use bathroom, you will want to choose all your bathroom fixtures that fit your lifestyle, from the height of your toilet to the kind of sink you choose.


You may be wanting a family bathroom or a private master bathroom. If you are a fast-paced family that needs a multi-tasking bathroom, you might want to look at shower head speaker combos. The placement of mirrors will be important and the trend with today’s families is bluetooth everything; even mirrors. You can, of course, have wireless speakers in your newly remodeled bathroom. If your bathroom is for the master bath, you can choose to have a tv installed to enjoy that favorite series while you soak in a warm bath. If you want true luxury, you will want to incorporate a fireplace in your bathroom design. You can choose practical or luxurious whatever suits your needs.

A bathroom that is perfect for you is the one that meets your personal needs and dreams. So when you’re considering bathroom and kitchen remodeling in Lancaster County, bring your dream remodeling ideas to MBC Remodeling. We can help you make the choices that will make your dream rooms a reality. Call today to talk to a bathroom design consultant.

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