Achieving A Cozy, Comfy Basement Getaway

When you think of cozy and comfy rooms in your home, your living room or bedroom are probably first to come to mind. Some homeowners are even able to achieve a warm and inviting atmosphere in their kitchen or bathroom, but the last place we usually think of as “cozy” is the basement. Basements are notorious for feeling uninviting and stark; quite the opposite of comfy and cozy.

Creating a warm, cozy, and inviting space in your basement is completely doable, though. It is possible to step into your basement and think that it is one of your favorite spots in the house. Before you consider basement renovations in Lancaster County, you might want to think about adding some of these elements to your design.


Not many features set the tone for coziness like a fireplace. Adding a fireplace to your basement design layout has twofold benefits. First of all, keeping your basement an even temperature is key in creating that comfortable, cozy feeling. There’s nothing cozy about a freezing room. Installing a direct-vent gas unit will be convenient and easy to use. The second reason that adding a fireplace to your basement will drastically up the cozy factor is that they create a focal point to your room, pulling it together and make the entire space feel more inviting.


Many homeowners make the mistake of thinking that carpet is their only choice if they want a cozy, comfy basement. Carpet is a wonderful basement flooring option. It covers imperfections of a concrete floor easily and warms the space up. But there are also many other choices that basement finishers can install in your basement in Lancaster County. A deep, rich laminate or hardwood flooring can add a level of warmth and beauty to your basement, unlike any other material. Finished concrete floors can turn out gorgeous and be the perfect complement to your cozy space as can tile. If you do choose one of these hard surfaces, you can add area rugs to pull things together and keep them comfortable.


One of the reasons that basements get such a bad rap for being dreary and stark is their lack of good lighting. Basement windows tend to be small if your basement has any at all. Replacing those tiny windows with larger ones can allow natural light into the space. There’s no better way to add coziness to a room than natural lighting. If you just can’t add more windows to your basement design, you can add better lighting. Installing soft, bright lighting can completely change the atmosphere of the room and achieve the comfortable, warm and cozy feeling that you dream of for your space.

At MBC Building and Remodeling, we’re pros at basement renovations in Lancaster County. We can bring you basement from stark and cold to comfy and cozy. Whether you’re in need of a family room, bedroom for your teenager, or guest quarters for your relatives, we can custom build the space to suit your needs. Give us a call today for your free consultation.

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