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In today’s blog, we’d like to look at a review one of our Lancaster, PA-area customers left us in mid-2023. As you’ll see, it’s honest and gets right at the heart of what you should expect to experience when you find that “perfect-match” contractor for your particular remodeling project.

This customer’s project was a mixture of Bathroom Remodeling and Kitchen Remodeling to update their cozy home.

Here are some of the images they uploaded to their review. Unfortunately, they’re pretty small, but it gives you a rough idea of the space they wanted to utilize rather than expand.

“The MBC Remodeling team helped us bring our 40-year-old kitchen and bathroom into the 21st century… we have a small home and considered doing a major renovation, moving walls, and even a second story, but we decided we wanted to stay within our footprint and maximize the efficiency of the space we have.”

These days, this approach is increasingly common. It makes sense for a lot of folks in the Lancaster area to optimize the space they have rather than having us come in and do something like a Room Addition.

“Working with a smaller crew and utilizing semi-custom cabinets definitely helped keep the price down, as our project was far more economical than other estimates we received.”

We sat down with them and went through the options and everything involved, and it just made more sense to update the two most important spaces in their home. More significant, more involved projects could wait. Our guidance was a huge relief, as was our honest estimate and professional conduct from Day One.

“Their team was at our house on a daily basis, and they were very respectful while transforming our home in front of our eyes. The owner was also on sight on a near daily basis, and on the days he wasn’t, he was reachable via email or text.”

You bet. We keep people and their families completely in the loop while their home is being upgraded, whether they’re right there in the room next to us or away somewhere during more extensive renovations.

What Happened As Things Came Up?
Which They Always Do.

“This being our first renovation, we didn’t know what to expect but knew things would come up. We tried not to loom as they worked but noticed things at the end of the day. They were receptive to questions and preferred things be brought up sooner rather than later so they could be properly addressed. They wanted us to love our new kitchen and bathroom. After they were done, the owner continued to be responsive in completing ‘punch list items’ and stressed to call with any additional concerns.”

Home remodeling, or construction work in general, is complex, and it’s the nature of the universe to throw a curveball or two on every project. For us, we know they’re just kinks in the armor that we’ll buff out as soon as we see them.

“We’re very thankful for all the hard work that was put in, and certainly the finished product, and are happily cooking in our new kitchen. We’re already thinking about our next project for MBC to tackle to continue making this our dream home.”

Step by step, layer by layer, point by point, everything came together on time and within budget. Expectations exceeded! This is what expert planning and meticulous workmanship feels like.

“While no one’s perfect, MBC was perfect for us.”

Moving forward, helping their family will get even smoother as we work together. As with any dream home or forever home, there’s so much potential.

The sky’s the limit, really (and budgeting). But once you click with a contractor like we do with our customers, it makes the process so much easier and less stressful.

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