Are you Setting Yourself Up For Home Remodeling Success?

Are You Setting Yourself Up For Success
With Your New Home Remodeling

See How We Get The Process Off On The Right Foot

As you’re gearing up to unleash a home remodeling project on your life, just focusing on the when and the price tag can set you up for disappointment.

There are more important aspects to wrap your head around first. By putting emphasis on these areas early in the process, you lay a great foundation for exceptional results.

To help demonstrate the point, in today’s article, we’d like to share a handful of questions we ask homeowners when they first approach us for our Remodeling Services. On the one hand, they help us see whether we’re a good fit for your needs, while on the other, they help people see what they’re REALLY setting out to accomplish and why.

Let’s dive right in.

Are You In Our Service Area?

Easy one. For us, we want to see if you’re in our neck of the woods. But for you, it’s important to have a solid idea of your options within roughly an hour of your front door. Talented, small-to-medium remodelers only drive so many miles. Like, we often get calls from Philly, but we don’t go that far – we stay within the greater Lancaster County area.

  • There are pros and cons when looking at huge remodeling companies.
  • That said, there are pros and cons to smaller operations as well.
  • We’re more medium-sized, so we typically give mid-range estimates and are more flexible regarding highly customized remodels.

What Are You Looking To Do?

Our goal is just to chat about it with you. We’ve had these conversations countless times and can chat about remodeling like super-fans talk sports. Where we differ is we talk WITH you rather than AT you.

More often than not, folks are looking for guidance and professional insight. They have a rough idea of what they’re looking to accomplish, but we see the spaces in question and their potential from the perspective of a remodeler.

Have You Conducted Any Research?

What kind of homework is there to do?

  • Search around online and read up on your particular project: Kitchen Remodeling, Bathroom Remodeling, Basement Remodeling, Decking & Porches, etc. These can give you a good idea of everything that will be involved.
  • Reach out to local associations. We’re a member of most of them in the area. For a list, just visit our Reputation Page: National Association of Home Builders, PA Builders Association, Building Industry Association of Lancaster County, and more.
  • Start getting an idea of your budget and how to maximize it. When you talk with professionals, we’ll help you fine-tune these ideas and get the most out of every remodeling dollar.

What Problems Are You Looking To Solve?

This is where we’ll dig in and see what pain points drive your decisions. Making the move to remodel is a big one for most people. Behind it are stresses, problems, and issues that we can use to see what’s really going on and how to make the most impact.


  • We just don’t have enough space for the kids.
  • We don’t have the right layout to entertain guests and eat together.
  • The bathroom is too tiny (or non-existent for guest bathrooms).
  • We want to utilize our unused basement and/or attic space.
  • We’re getting older and want to ensure we can stay in our home! This has to do with Aging In Place solutions, which are increasingly common.

Have You Remodeled Before?

We love hearing about prior remodeling experiences because if you’re coming to us rather than going to the company you worked with before… obviously, something didn’t go as planned. Or, we may need to deal with their low-quality workmanship and mistakes (more common than you might think).

The good news about prior experience is that you’ll be more familiar with the process.

What are the most common gripes we hear from homeowners who’ve done some remodeling that left a bad taste in their mouths?

  • Missing deadlines.
  • Poor communication and setting unrealistic expectations.
  • Sloppy unskilled workmanship.
  • A lack of satisfaction typically related to low-quality product lines and materials.

What’s Your Budget? Or, Does It Make Sense?

People almost always have a number in their heads, but they may be afraid to tell us. Thing is, we’re not looking to manipulate anyone. We just need to know if that number equates or makes sense given the scope and major components of the project.

Sometimes it’s close to the mark, and sometimes it’s WAY off. In the case that it’s far afield, we’ll help bring things back down to reality. We can show you where major costs are coming from and give you a range of options to find an approach that works.

What’s Your End Date?

When would you like to have the project completed? Keep in mind we’re a busy contractor with projects lined up for months ahead of time. The good news is we can utilize the time between signing paperwork and demo/installation phases to fully detail and prepare for your project.

Hopefully, this article has been helpful. Getting this kind of headwork done early pays off when all is said and done. Thanks for your time today. If you’re in the Lancaster County area and have questions, just reach out and Contact Us. We’re happy to talk shop and give you the time you need.

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