Basement Remodeling & Basement Finishing: What’s The Difference?

Do You Need Basement Remodeling Or
Basement Finishing In Conestoga, PA?

Which To Choose When Remodeling
Your Lancaster County Basement

Have you ever wondered about the difference between basement finishing and basement remodeling in Conestoga, PA? Basements can be a great space in our homes, but all too often, they are dark, unfinished rooms that just aren’t functional or enjoyable.

When homeowners get ready to utilize the extra space underneath the living areas of their homes, it is good to know the difference between basement remodeling and basement finishing. MBC Remodeling can help. Our basement plans can transform that underground space into an amazing place for you and your family to hang out.

Here are some of the key differences between basement finishing and basement remodeling in the Lancaster County area.

Basement Finishing Makes The Unfinished Livable

An unfinished basement is not a livable space. Basement finishing is the process of transforming it until it is usable but not necessarily pretty. When a basement is unfinished, it usually has bare concrete walls and floors, exposed beams, and limited lighting.

By finishing the basement, you can turn it into a fully functional area that can be used for various purposes. This works well if you just need extra room for workout equipment or perhaps an underground laundry, but not always a place for guests to visit. There are a few steps to finishing a basement.


The first step in basement finishing is ensuring the space is waterproofed and free from moisture issues. This is important to protect your investment and prevent damage to the finished space. The area must be clean and any holes plugged. Cracks and openings should be sealed, and then a waterproof coating or foam board should be applied.

Framing & Insulation

Once the basement is dry, the basement remodeling contractors will frame it by building walls with studs and securing them to the floor and ceiling. Insulation will be added between the studs so that the new space will be comfortable and energy-efficient.

Drywall, Paint, & Flooring

After the walls are in place, it’s time to install drywall and paint the space to give it a clean and finished look. Flooring is another important aspect of basement finishing, as it adds warmth and comfort to the space. Popular flooring options include carpet, laminate, or even waterproof vinyl.

Electrical & Plumbing

To complete the basement finishing process, electrical outlets, lighting fixtures, and plumbing may need to be installed. Of course, there are several more steps in each aspect of the finishing process.

Always Use Professionals For Basement Finishing

This work should always be completed by registered basement remodelers who are insured and offer warranties. MBC Remodeling guarantees our workmanship for up to five years! With careful planning and design, your finished basement can become a cozy family room, office, laundry room, or even a guest bedroom with a bathroom.

Basement Remodeling Turns Livable Into Beautiful

Basement remodeling takes things a step further and allows you to completely transform your finished basement into a newly updated space. This usually involves changing the layout, functionality, or style of the space. It takes the livable space you’ve created with finishing and makes it beautiful.

Homeowners commonly choose basement remodeling to create additional rooms or areas within the basement. For example, when you are ready to add that family room, playroom for the kids, bedroom, etc., MBC Remodeling can make it happen. We can customize the basement to suit your needs and preferences with basement remodeling.

Remodeling the basement may also involve upgrading the existing features and fixtures. This could include installing new flooring, updating the lighting, adding new rooms, or replacing outdated furniture and decor. By giving your basement a fresh look, you can enhance its overall appeal and make it a more inviting space.

Let MBC Remodeling Handle Your Basement
Remodeling In Conestoga, PA

If you’re considering basement finishing or basement remodeling in Conestoga, PA, let MBC Remodeling handle the process for you. From start to finish, we can transform your underground space from a dark, stuffy storage area to the space of your dreams.

We offer financing, so you’ll never have to stress over the upfront cost of your basement remodel. We strive to bring you the best, and we’ve got the reputation to prove it. Give us a call today for a free quote on your basement finishing and remodeling job in the Lancaster County area.

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