Keeping Your Kids Bathroom Organized During the School Year

Getting kids ready to go back to school is a big job and every member of the family will have to work hard to make sure this task is successfully completed. Areas of the home where kids spend a lot of time are also going to need prepared in order to accommodate changing schedules. A child’s bathroom is likely to require some additional attention to get organized and stay that way. MBC Remodeling is a leading provider of bathroom and kitchen remodeling in Lancaster County so we know how hard homeowners work at keeping these spaces clean, organized, and ready for use. Here are a few tips we have picked up along the way.

Remove All Unnecessary Items

Kids’ bathrooms often become catch-alls for extra items like spare towels, guest linens, and so forth. This is understandable, but unfortunately all these extra items end up making the bathroom harder to keep clean. Go through these items and clear out any that are no longer needed; there is a good chance that this alone will make lots of useful space appear! Next, organize items into bins and boxes, then label each to make locating desired items simpler.

Make Some Helpful Repairs

Children can be rough on the spaces they use, no doubt about it. Take a moment to make some helpful improvements, such as:

  • Fix a leaking faucet
  • Replace a sagging curtain rod
  • Add a fresh shower curtain and liner
  • Wash and replace curtains
  • Replace broken pieces of tile or linoleum

If more extensive repairs are required, then it is a good idea to speak with an expert. The team at MBC Remodeling has helped many homeowners improve second bathrooms, kids’ bathrooms, and guest bathrooms. Our skills are second-to-none and we work with only the most qualified builders and technicians.

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