What You Should Know About Designing a Bathroom for Seniors

Accessibility concerns are common for many people and in particular for the aging generation. Designing a bathroom that is functional, appealing, and safe to use can feel like a challenge; this is why more people call MBC Remodeling when they need a complete bathroom remodel in Lancaster County. We specialize in helping people create the bathroom they have always wanted to have, including spaces with accessible shower and bathing options. In our many years of leading the way in the remodeling industry, we have picked up some helpful tips that homeowners will find useful.

Look for Ease-of-Use

There are some fixtures that are designed to be especially easy to use. For instance, certain faucet handles are easier to grasp and manipulate than others; compact, round handles can become slippery and thus harder to use. A drain plug that can be easily lifted out and set into place is likely a better choice than one that has to be carefully screwed into position. Arthritis and other conditions can make it difficult to execute the fine motions required to successfully use these kind of features; therefore, shopping for ease-of-use is important.

Thinking About Safety

The bathroom poses several potential dangers to senior family members. Slips, falls, and trips are all common household accidents and the bathroom in particular has several features that can make it dangerous to use. To prevent these kinds of accidents, design a bathroom with improved safety features. This can include:

  • Grab bars in the shower stall and bathtub
  • Grab bars near the toilet
  • A textured, non-slip bath mat
  • A shower stall without a “lip” that must be stepped over
  • A shower seat to make stall usage more comfortable and safe

complete bathroom remodel Lancaster County

Many accessible showers and bathtubs are available and they are highly compatible with most home plumbing configurations. Our team can answer all your bathroom design questions, so contact us today by calling (717) 371-5136 today.

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