Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

When you’re thinking about a bathroom remodel in Lancaster, PA, you could probably use some ideas to get you started. With advances in technology and building materials, there are so many options available, which might make the process seem a bit overwhelming. Whether you want to make a small bathroom more functional or a large bath more luxurious, a custom bath awaits.

First, write down what you really want out of your bathroom. Do you need more storage space? Do you want updated fixtures or perhaps plumbing that works better? Start with the “problem areas” and go from there. Once you know what you would really like to change, you’ll have a more concrete final result in mind when you call the contractor.

A floating vanity can make your bath feel open and airy. This upgrade can add style to any bathroom and give you lots of open space underneath. For a low-maintenance floor, try glazed or porcelain tile. Those with a matte finish or texture to their surface also add a non-slip element to a room prone to having water on the floor.

New fixtures can add style as well as function. They might even be able to save you money in the long run. When replacing your toilet, you’ll need one with a Maximum Performance, or MaP, test rating of at least 500. High-efficiency models can save water, which can lower your energy costs.

Recessed storage spots in the shower and tub area can hold your shampoos and soaps without those awkward shower caddies and rusty organizers. Add a few and put some decorative items in there as well.

What about wiring? Do you need more outlets? When you consider a bathroom model in Lancaster, PA, take into consideration your power usage. The wiring might need an update, too. A dedicated, 20-amp circuit can provide enough power for all of your bathroom appliances.

No matter what type of upgrades you need, a bathroom remodel in Lancaster, PA starts with your vision and communicating it to your contractor.

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