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10 Ideas For Storage After Your Lancaster, PA
Bathroom Remodel

Ensure Organization After Your Bathroom Remodel

Have you been struggling to keep your Lancaster, PA, bathroom organized? Does your bathroom lack the storage you need to keep it chaos free? If so, you are not alone! The bathroom is typically the area of the home that is always a bit unorganized, making it harder to find what you need — when you need it.

Having no bathroom storage is one reason some people decide a bathroom remodel is a must. After all, how long did you spend trying to find that bottle of shampoo that you know you purchased last time you shopped?

Remodeling your bathroom with storage in mind is a great way to get a bathroom you have always dreamed of having. Not only will it be beautiful and relaxing, but more organized. Check out these ten ideas to have a dreamy bathroom in your Lancaster, PA, home.

Vanity With Built-In Storage

One of the easiest ways to add storage to your bathroom is to opt for a vanity with built-in cabinets and drawers. Depending on the size of your vanity, the storage area will not hold a ton, but it is a great way to store and organize all those smaller items in your bathroom for easier access.

Make sure you keep these organized using wicker baskets or clear tote boxes to find everything easily. It may take a few extra minutes to arrange everything inside these baskets or boxes fully, but it is well worth it.

Linen Closet

If you have the room to install a built-in linen closet in your bathroom, then you should take advantage. Imagine having towels within easy reach, no more hunting the laundry basket down or yelling for someone to grab a towel out of the dryer.

In addition, linen closets are not just for towels. You can opt to dedicate one shelf to nothing but bathroom products – providing easy access to the essentials whenever you need them most.

Wall Storage

Most bathrooms don’t utilize vertical space to its fullest potential. Storing items on the wall can be a great way to get clutter off the floor and keep your room organized. For example:

  • Hang free-floating shelves to hold candles, plants, or even everyday items you use
  • Purchase a storage ladder that you can hang towels off of for easy access, or use wire baskets clipped to it to hold toilet paper rolls
  • Hang a magnetic strip onto the wall to hang tweezers, nail clippers, and other metal objects for easy access

The ideas on how to best utilize your wall are endless, so consult with your bathroom remodeling expert to see what they recommend.

Over-The-Toilet Built-Ins

Built-ins over the toilet are a great storage solution that utilizes an often underutilized space. These built-ins can be an ideal space for plants to add some color or for more practical storage, like toilet paper.

Spacers Inside of Drawers

If your bathroom has drawers, use spacers to keep everything organized and in its proper place. Rather than dumping everything in, you will find spacers help maximize your drawers.

Inside-The-Cabinet Door Storage

Many think nothing of opening their under-the-sink area to grab what is needed. However, if you attach small holders to the inside of your cabinet door, it gives you more places to put items. For example:

  • Have small mason jars to hold toothpaste inside your cabinet door.
  • Install wire hanging baskets on the door to hold hot items like curling irons, straighteners, and hair dryers.
  • Put a plastic basket onto the door to hold cleaning products.

Ideas are limitless as to unique ways to use the inside of your cabinet door for different storage solutions.

Medicine Cabinets

While medicine cabinets do not hold a lot, they can be a narrow space for small items in your bathroom. Plus, you can opt for it to match your vanity to complete a beautiful and seamless look in your bathroom.

Inside your medicine cabinet can be an excellent place for not only medications but small items like makeup items, contacts, and glasses — all things that do not require much room, but you need to know where to find them.

Tiered Organizers

Tiered organizers are an excellent option for a simple storage solution you can place in the bathroom. The key to using a tiered organizer is to have floor space in your bathroom.

Some people even use rolling carts to move around their bathroom, where they may need extra storage. With either option, you can have an additional two or more shelves to use for items in your bathroom.


While we may think of the word “storage” and immediately only think of drawers, wire baskets, wicker baskets, closets, and the like — you will also find that hooks can hang onto walls, and behind doors are going to be helpful storage locations.

Place hooks on the back of your bathroom door as a permanent location for robes, shower caddies, and the like. You can place more than one so that everyone using the bathroom in your household can do their part in keeping it organized.

Recessed Shelving

Recessed shelving is one of the most popular trends in modern bathroom remodeling. This option places shelving between two studs and is recessed into the wall rather than outward – freeing up floor space.

It is a clever way to have more storage without risking taking up vital square footage – essential for those dealing with a small bathroom.

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