Bathroom Storage Solutions

Most old bathrooms put form far ahead of function. When you are interviewing bathroom renovation contractors in Lancaster County, talk about how to incorporate some of these helpful and eye-catching storage solutions in your bathroom remodeling project.


Bathroom renovation contractors Lancaster County

Carve Out a Niche

One of the most popular and easily-integrated storage options in a bathroom remodel is adding a storage niche to the bathtub surround or shower stall. Niches should be customized to your needs and leave plenty of space for the products you actually use. Why okay a tiny shelf when you need a larger nook for your fancy moisturizing hair conditioner?

While nooks, niches and shelves disrupt the smooth flow of the bathroom wall, they’re also an opportunity to add an exciting pop of color. Consider having the walls of the nook tiled with glass accent tiles to add an element of luxury and purposeful design to your storage space.

Under the Sink Storage

Though the space is primarily used to conceal unsightly plumbing pipes, there is no reason to skimp on the storage functionality of the under-sink area. Think about installing a slightly larger or deeper under-sink cabinet that can be customized with shelves and storage cubbies. Planning for storage ahead of time keeps your new bathroom counters clear while still maintaining room for all your bathroom supplies.

Add Drawers

Drawers as part of a bathroom vanity aren’t always an intuitive choice, but they pay off in spades when it comes to organization. Some beauty, first aid and grooming products are simply easier to organize in a drawer. Drawers are a more effective use of short, long horizontal space than a shelf and they can easily be filled with permanent dividers or removable organizers to further maximize their benefits.

Bathroom renovation contractors in Lancaster County are ready to make your bathroom work better with improved storage options. Start on the path to making your dream bathroom a reality today.

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