Benefits Of Replacing Your Kitchen And Bathroom Together

8 Smart Reasons To Remodel Your
Kitchen And Bathroom At
The Same Time

Take Advantage Of Simultaneous Remodeling Services
From Trusted Professionals In Your Area

If you’ve wanted to make your Lancaster, PA, home modern and increase its value with a remodel, you’ve likely been searching for nearby kitchen and bath remodeling companies.

When working to make your home more livable and welcoming while increasing its resale value, the kitchen and bathroom are the best places to address first.

A great way to reduce cost and the overall potential for complications is to remodel simultaneously and from the same contractor.

Here are eight reasons why this may be a smart move.

Design Harmony And Cohesive Look

Design trends and product technologies are constantly changing in the kitchen and bathroom remodeling industry. Because of supply and demand, companies offer different materials and styles at different times. What was available for your kitchen might not be available when you decide to tackle your bathroom.

As a result, when you design and remodel at separate times, your home can look haphazard and incoherent.

You can eliminate this issue when remodeling your kitchen and bathroom, as any design type, color, or material will be available for both.

Using One Contractor May Offer Special Deals

Being able to do two jobs at the same time and under one roof would greatly benefit any kitchen and bath remodeling company nearby – it’s less transportation and potential complication for them.

As a result, discussing a discount in pricing is a fair and reasonable thing to do when giving a contractor more business – it’s a win-win for both parties.

Your Living Space Will Only Be Disrupted Once

Homeowners often forget how disruptive it can be to have a crew upending their living space, even if that crew is exceptionally reliable and professional.

No matter how excellent the kitchen and bath remodeling contractor near you may be – their workspace is your living space.

When doing the kitchen and bathroom remodeling at the same time, you will kill two birds with one stone and only have to worry about your life being disrupted once!

Much Faster To Complete

With the tools, materials, and layout all available and on-hand for your kitchen and bath remodeling company of choice, not only will there be the cohesive design as described above – it will be a cohesive process for the remodeling crew.

This will increase efficiency, reducing the overall time the remodeling of your home will take.

Immediate And Drastic Increase In Home’s Value

It’s a known fact that one main reason to remodel your home is to increase its resale value. Remodeling is an investment for the future, hopefully offering a positive return for your efforts.

When having a kitchen and bath remodeling company work on these two rooms simultaneously, the value of your home will immediately increase a great deal, which can be beneficial for an assortment of reasons.

For one, the real estate market is currently hot – that extra bump in value could give you more freedom in decision-making should you consider a move in the near future.

Parts And Materials Will Age Evenly

When the materials, labor, and parts of your kitchen and bathroom are all the same age, it will decrease the complication of warranties. It will also give the homeowner a clear idea of how long both room’s materials will last.

Inflation Is Rapidly Increasing

Not just food at the grocery store, but almost everything is increasing in price – and fast.

When electing for your kitchen and bath remodeling company nearby to do both rooms at once, the cost of parts cannot increase as opposed to waiting to remodel both separately.

As the price of materials increases, what you pay for them won’t, while their value only increases.

With One Contractor, Any Potential Issues Are Easily Solved

Finding one highly reputable and trusted kitchen and bath remodeling contractor nearby is hard enough. Working with one will greatly reduce the difficulty of finding two different reputable contractors.

Also, with one contractor simultaneously working on your kitchen and bathroom, the contract may be simplified and condensed.

There Is One Catch: They Must Be A Highly Reputable Contractor

Choosing one kitchen and bath remodeling company nearby to remodel your kitchen and bathroom at once is intimidating – what if they’re problematic?

Here are some questions to consider when looking for a contractor:

If you can answer “yes,” to all of the following questions, your contractor is likely an excellent choice for your projects.

Contact The Perfect Contractor For The Job

MBC Remodeling of Lancaster, PA fits the bill for all of the above questions – so you don’t even have to search alone!

They have been providing superb service to their delighted customers since 1999 and continue to gain the trust of their community for their excellence on a daily basis.

Request a free consultation or contact MBC Remodeling now at (717) 371-5136 for the best kitchen and bathroom remodeling company nearby to take care of all your needs!

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