Best Ways to Add Privacy To Your Patio/Deck

Summer is the perfect time of year to enjoy your patio and deck. Sip on a glass of wine during the longer nights or invite friends over for a summer get-together. But sometimes your patio and deck can feel a little exposed. What do you do if you want to enjoy your outdoor space, but without the neighbors peering in? Here are a few ways you can add privacy to your deck or patio. 

Privacy Fence

One classic way to protect your outdoor space, is with a privacy fence. This fence separates your backyard from your neighbors so that they can’t see in and you can have some semblance of privacy, even outside. If you want to leave a little room for socializing between neighbors, you might leave the top part of the deck with a grid design that allows for partial view…and easier conversation.

A Cover

Sometimes all you need is a little cover to add privacy to your deck. A partial cover can protect you not just from prying eyes, but from the harsh sunlight in summer. You can install an awning or extend your roof to add an eave over your deck or patio. If you want something a little more natural — and less hassle — consider incorporating a nearby tree or planting a new tree that can offer shade and coverage to your deck in a subtle way.


If you’re not interested in setting up a whole enclosure, you can add privacy to your deck and patio with curtains. Keep in mind that the fabric should be something durable enough to endure the outdoors. Olefin is a popular outdoor fabric, and drop cloth curtains are sometimes chosen because of their affordability. They’re also durable and can be made to fit the style of your patio or deck with a few slight cosmetic changes. When attached to a curtain rod, these curtains can stay open when you want to look out and enjoy the view, and you can close them and cover your patio when you need more privacy.Looking for more ways to add privacy to your deck? Contact MBC Remodeling today for more information or a free consultation.

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