Budget Basement Remodels: Where to Put Your Money

basement renovations Lancaster

Thinking about remodeling your basement? Basement remodeling can be costly, and you want to make sure you spend your money on the right features. By being selective with where you splurge, you can get a great basement without breaking the bank. Get the most out of basement renovations in Lancaster by putting your money into what you really want and saving where you can.

Certain features are worth spending money on to make sure your basement is a space where you, your family, and your guests will want to spend time. Lighting is a key part of a basement – you probably don’t want to cut corners here. Talk to your contractor about focusing on lighting for work areas and for highlighting your favorite design features and then setting up suitable ambient lighting for the rest of the space. Ceiling insulation is also an important feature to focus on. Without adequate insulation, footsteps and noise from upstairs can ruin a theater space or quiet home office.

To stay within your budget for basement renovations in Lancaster, you will also want to think about eliminating features that aren’t absolutely necessary. If you don’t need separate rooms, you can save a lot of money by keeping an open space. The costs of creating new rooms can be substantial and can also make the basement feel smaller. Unless you really need to wall off a home office or gym, you can keep your basement open. You might also consider forgoing a guest room unless you host guest very frequently. You can also reduce your expenses by selecting cheaper tile for bathrooms and bars. Tile adds up quickly, and less expensive tile can look just as nice.

Basement renovations in Lancaster can give your home a facelift and increase its value. By deciding where you splurge and where you save, you can get the basement you’ve always envisioned at a cost you can afford.

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