Budget-Friendly Bathroom Enhancements

Is your bathroom is leaving you less than flush with pride? Without question, beautiful bathrooms help sell houses and enhance homeowners’ enjoyment of their living space. Knowing what’s in and what’s out in bathroom design is important for homeowners deciding where to spend their hard-earned dollars. You can easily and inexpensively update your bath with a fresh, modern look, without sacrificing style, by focusing on 4 key areas: Paint, the mirror, hardware and lighting.

Painting any room is a tried-and-true way to make a big impact with minimal cost and effort. Remember that color trends do change. Stay away from dated color choices, like mauves or pinks, in favor of timeless, like earth tones. Chocolate, aqua, olive and gold, all colors drawn from nature, are hot right now and promise more enduring style with your renovation project.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall – If your home was built in the past decade, you probably have one enormous, unframed mirror. I hate to break it to you, but unframed mirrors are out.

The mirror is the focal point of your bathroom, and frames complete the mirror, giving a bath a sleek, modern look. You can remove the old and buy a new, framed replacement or you can frame your existing mirror.

When choosing a frame style, select a frame that reflects the style you would choose for a piece of artwork for the room.

Easy Hardware – Few accessories shout “last decade” more than outdated hardware. Fortunately, updating hardware is a quick, easy and cost-effective. If your hardware is mismatched, get yourself to a home supply store and check out their collections of matching drawer pulls and cabinet handles. Your hardware should also complement your metal fixtures.

If the finish is dated, like brass, replace it with new styles, like brushed nickel, pewter, antique or oil-rubbed bronze. These finishes coordinate well with current lighting and fixtures, bath bars, knobs, pulls, and switch and receptacle covers. These fixes pull a room together with one modern, cohesive look. Places like the Habitat Re-store are great for searching out unique hardware with low price tags.

Make Light of Things – Lighting fixtures that add beauty and soft lighting with shades or sconces are in. They can run above your (newly framed) mirror, or flank it. Select a style that is right for you and makes a statement in the room.

Strategic and cost-effective changes can go a long way to giving you the new, updated bathroom you desire. Bathroom remodeling doesn’t have to be expensive or time-consuming!

-Mike Blank, CGR CAPS


Bathroom Remodeling Contractor serving Lancaster County, PA

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