Can You Afford a Room Addition?

A Lancaster County room addition may be more affordable than you realize.

Sometimes the unexpected happens and you find yourself in need of a room addition. Often, these changes are for happy reasons, but the thought of a massive home improvement project can be intimidating…especially when it comes to financing. In fact, it’s for that same reason that many homeowners have a list of rooms they’d love to add to their home one day, but never do.

No home improvement project is cheap, and shouldn’t be, because well, you want something to be high quality when you want to live in it. But often, homeowners assume that a room addition will be too costly and unattainable when in fact, there may be savings options that can help put your dream room addition in your grasp. Ask yourself a few questions:

Can You Convert an Existing Room?

Before you decide to add a room to your home, see if you can make due with repurposing the space you have. Do you have an office or workout room that no one uses anymore? Can your growing child’s nursery be converted into their new bedroom? Converting a room may still require some serious remodeling, but it will be cheaper and less work overall than adding a new room altogether.

Can You Expand a Room Without Adding a New Room?

Maybe instead of creating a new room altogether, you can take down a wall and expand a particular room. This is particularly useful if you need an addition like a home office or a dining room. These additions can often share space with another room, like the kitchen or bedroom. On the whole, taking down one wall and rearranging a room to fit two functions will likely still be more affordable than having a new room addition.

Do Your Home Improvement Contractors Offer Financing?

Sometimes you can’t avoid it: you just need to add a new room to your home. But many home improvement contractors offer payment plans to make the cost more manageable to the average homeowner. When you make your first contact with a contractor about a room addition, make sure that you ask about their financing options. Sometimes all you need is more time to afford the cost of a room addition, and many home improvement companies are happy to provide that.

At MBC Remodeling, we offer several financing options so you can remodel  without breaking the bank. Interested? Contact us today for a free consultation and quote.

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