Can Cabinet Refacing Take The Place Of A Kitchen Remodel?

Why A Cabinet Refacing Might Not Be
Enough For A Kitchen Remodel

Can A Simple Cabinet Refacing Take
The Place Of An Entire Kitchen
Remodeling Project?

When considering a kitchen remodel in Lancaster, PA, one question to start is, “how much time do I spend in my kitchen?” If you’re like most homeowners, the kitchen is the epicenter of your house. Many spend hours inside the kitchen – cooking, eating, talking, and working.

It’s not only a place where we prepare meals for ourselves – it’s a place where we prepare meals to share with our loved ones. We all want our kitchens to be warm, inviting, well-kept, and clean.

If you think you need kitchen remodeling – you might be right. But just how much of your kitchen do you need to remodel? Could a simple cabinet refacing alone sufficiently update your kitchen’s look into a modern masterpiece?

Here are some reasons and scenarios to consider a cabinet refacing or a full kitchen remodel for your Lancaster, PA, home.

What Is A Cabinet Refacing?

A cabinet refacing for your kitchen remodeling project is when you only modify the outer appearance of your kitchen cabinets without rearranging their layout, size, or structural integrity. Cabinet refacing includes veneering all cabinet and drawer surfaces, which might also completely replace the cabinet doors and drawers.

Here are some more distinct details about a cabinet refacing that differ from a cabinet replacement:

  • As previously mentioned, only the outer surface will be replaced, including replacing the cabinet door or drawers. This means that the architectural integrity of the cabinets and drawers remains.
  • It’s generally less expensive than a cabinet replacement.
  • It requires a company that explicitly offers cabinet refacing because not all do, as it requires some unique skill sets and techniques.

What Is Full Kitchen Remodeling?

What does a kitchen remodel in Lancaster, PA, entail? One thing that it will most certainly include is a cabinet replacement, not just a cabinet resurfacing.

Other things typically included in kitchen remodeling are:

  • Completely rearranging the kitchen’s floor plan in any way desired.
  • Replacing all cabinets and drawers in any configuration.
  • Resurfacing all cabinets and drawers in any style.
  • New flooring.
  • New countertop surfaces.
  • New plumbing fixtures and features.
  • New lighting fixtures and features.
  • Ultimate creative freedom.

Core Benefits Of A Full Kitchen Remodeling Project

With an intelligently thought out kitchen remodeling project with the right contractor, there are numerous benefits it will offer for both the short and long term, including:

  • You are increasing your home’s overall value – saving you money in the long–term.
  • Entirely up-to-date and modern kitchen for you, your friends, and your family to enjoy, which will help elevate the mood.
  • Ease of movement and more spaciousness, giving you more efficiency when preparing meals.
  • Impeccably working and functioning plumbing and lighting, significantly decreasing the chances of future repairs.
  • Incredible amounts of new storage space will help organize any amount of cooking appliances and tools to be neatly put away.

When To Pursue A Full Kitchen Remodeling Project
Instead Of A Simple Cabinet Refacing

Suppose you need a cabinet replacement instead of a cabinet refinishing. In that case, it’s better to consider a kitchen remodeling project because you will already rearrange your kitchen’s physical layout and floor plan.

Also, simply refacing cabinets may be suitable for aesthetic appeal and may slightly increase your home’s overall value – but it won’t address any aging cabinets that may have structural integrity issues.

Finally, in the event of only choosing only a cabinet resurfacing, it may later occur to you that you want to have a cabinet replacement or kitchen remodel. This means having a crew in your home on two separate occasions, which can cause weeks if not months of interference and hassle and increased cost.

Are You In Need Of A Kitchen Remodel
In Lancaster, PA?

Finding the right contractor to do the job is essential if you have determined that you need a kitchen remodel in Lancaster, PA. Not only should they have the necessary and suggested accreditations and licenses – it’s highly recommended they go above and beyond with them, too.

MBC Remodeling in Lancaster, PA, does just that – with dozens of accreditations, awards, recognitions, memberships, and certifications, they are fully vetted and ready to complete your kitchen remodeling project with complete satisfaction guaranteed.

Contact MBC Remodeling at (717) 371-5136 or request a free consultation to start your kitchen remodel in Lancaster, PA, today!

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