Can You Convert a 3 Season Room Into a 4 Season Room?

A sunroom is a gorgeous room addition for a Pennsylvania home. With window screens surrounding each outer wall, you can enjoy the view whatever the weather might be outside. Sip on your coffee in a comfortable sunroom or even set up a game night in the space. Typically, sunrooms serve as three season rooms, but four season rooms are possible. The question is whether you can convert a three season room into a four season room. First, let’s break down the difference.

Three Season vs. Four Season Room

A three season sunroom is made up of window screens on all exterior sides, so that sunlight streams into the room, lighting it during the day. You’re sheltered from the worst of the heat outside, but you can still enjoy the scenery three seasons out of the year. However, three season rooms are not insulated and can be cold and uncomfortable in winter. Four season rooms are insulated and include ventilation for the summer heat and heating for winter. Four season rooms can be as warm or cool as you like, while still offering the same views.

What You Need to Convert a Three Season to a Four Season Room

The good news is you won’t have to change the structure of the room much. You will need to expand your ventilation system into the room so that it can receive the same heating and cooling as the rest of your home. You might opt for a ductless system if you don’t want to fuss with your home ventilation system. Glass should also be added over the window screens in order to further protect the space from external weather elements. A nice throw blanket over your favorite seat will be the finishing touch to enjoy your four season room with a cup of cocoa on a cold winter night.

Benefits of a Four Season Room

With a four season sunroom, you can enjoy all the benefits of a three season sunroom and more. A four season room is more versatile, potentially serving as an added entertainment space all year long. It’s also bound to boost your home value. Adding space to your home will always raise your home value, but when it’s a space as attractive and functional as a four season sunroom, it will be that much more attractive to potential buyers and they’ll be willing to pay more for it.

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