Give Your Child’s Room A Makeover

Parents know that they rarely have the same ideas and opinions as their children, and this is never more evident when it comes to do give their room a new look – you might want one design while your 8-year-old daughter has a completely different concept in mind. Here are a few helpful decorating tips that aim to please the whole family.

First of all, talk to your child and understand his or her vision for the room and incorporate some of those ideas in the design. Keep in mind your daughter or son are the ones living in the room, so even if it is hard for you to do, compromising with them on what they want and what you’ll allow will yield the greatest results for both of you.  If you don’t want to get too crazy with painting, use a neutral wall color in the room; add punch and color with accessories and accents.

Here’s a look at some of the hottest trends for children’s bedrooms:

For Both: Functionality is important in a child’s room. Adding items like a desk or table to work on is a great idea. Try and set up cubbies or shelves to store supplies and help keep things in order. Organizational tools like these will help maximize space, which is especially important in smaller rooms. That way, you can (hopefully) keep things off the floor!

As for decoration, educational letters and images capture the imagination. Many online retailers have inspirational and motivational posters, which can help instill focus, drive and passion in your little one’s as the dream big. You can also simplify painting by choosing colors to match the bedspread you have going, to connect the room together without going overboard.

For Girls: It’s all about bright colors for girls, from purple to lime green to the ever-popular pink. Think personalized sweetheart pillows and throws. Adding items that can be personalized are a great way to make your child feel like the  room truly is her own special place. If you’re handy with fabric, you could create her very own canopy bed, perfect for your little princess!

Having an area for dolls and reading on the floor, such as a small toy shelf and bean bag chairs, can give your little lady and her friends a nice comfy spot to explore their imaginations!

For Boys: Color wise, boys usually like blues and greens, but talk with him to see what his thoughts are – he may surprise you! Does your little guy love sports?  Choose accessories that have his favorite professional logo on them, such as a bedspread or poster. You could also visit a used sporting goods store for various gloves and bats to hang on the wall without breaking the bank.

If your son isn’t a sports nut, you can incorporate any interest into affordable decor that will personalize the room. Consider using a corner for trumpet practice, with a music stand and shelving for books and accessories. By painting some music notes on the wall, you’ll have a brand new music studio! For younger boys, a “Road” rug will give them the perfect spot for playing with all those cars they have.

Are those ‘practical’ ideas too BORING for your kids?!? How about these then? (thank you to CalFinder for the pictures!)

If you have more home remodeling or bedroom design questions in Lancaster County, PA, drop me an e-line (electronic line… get it?): matt@mbcremodeling.com

-Matt Blank

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