How to Choose New Space for Your Home

You may be a homeowner ready to look to home addition contractors in Lancaster County to add on to your home, but you’re not sure where to put your new rooms. You could expand outward or push upward to a second floor. For homeowners who haven’t chosen both options, there are good reasons to just pick one or the other for their Lancaster County home.

The Benefits of a Second Floor

Building out from your existing home means you’ll likely take up more of your yard to occupy the space for the new addition. If have little use for your backyard, this will not be a problem. However, young families may want the yard for swimming pools, swing sets or backyard parties. Building a second floor will keep your yard free. Second floor options are also variable. Home addition contractors in Lancaster County can add a whole second floor or just put up one or two rooms.

The Benefits of Staying Downstairs

With a second floor, you’ll inevitably need a flight of stairs to connect to it. If you or your family have problems navigating stairs or are wheelchair bound, or if the presence of stairs might be a problem period, a second floor won’t be an option. First floor options also allow more open rooms to the outside, which can allow you to enjoy the sunlight or a cool breeze, including a Screened porch  or a sunroom.

Home Improvement Costs

Money and your home’s infrastructure are major factors for any home improvement project. Second floor projects may cost more than first floor add-ons because they involve the demolition of an existing roof and revamping of the electrical, heating and AC systems to service the new floor. If you think it may not be worth the effort, consider a compromise like putting a second floor over a garage.

Adding on to your home with a first or second floor extension is no easy decision and will for a time disrupt your normal routine, but the benefits are worth it. If you’re still stuck on a decision, consult your local home addition contractors in Lancaster County for solid answers.

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