Contact a Deck Building & Remodeling Contractor to Create a Beautiful Exterior Living Space

In the summer, your deck becomes an extension of your home. With gorgeous sunny days and long warm nights, your deck is an added outdoor living space. It is likely a perfect space to read the latest summer book or enjoy a fresh grilled family meal. There are many benefits to building and maintaining a beautiful outdoor space, and there are several ways to creatively incorporate it into your home’s existing architecture. A deck building and remodeling contractor can help you craft the perfect deck for your home, needs and personality. There are a couple initial steps to take when designing the perfect space.

Appropriate Size

It may be tempting to automatically think bigger is better in this situation, especially as image after image of expansive and impressive spaces appear on the internet. However, you need to make sure that your deck is appropriate for the scale of your home. As a general rule, it should be 20% or less of the overall square footage of your home and it should not be bigger than the biggest interior room. In addition, you should consider the size of your yard and to what extent you want to utilize a lawn or other space. If you have children, you may want a smaller deck allowing for more grass space to play on.

Deck Materials

There are many choices when considering the material of your deck. There are several real wood options that can add natural elegance to your yard. However, you need to stain these regularly to maintain their appearance and prevent damage. If you are looking for low maintenance options, there are alternative materials including composite materials, PVC decking and aluminum. As you think through these options, you will also want to consider color. Different woods and materials will provide different appearances, and you can combine different colors and textures for interest.

Once you have selected the size and material of the deck, you can begin to add additional creative details like railing, lights, stairs and coverings. With a solid design and unique detail, your deck building and remodeling contractor will be able to create the perfect outdoor living space.

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