How To Create A Family Room You Will Love

Every family needs a space to really come home to. That space can be your family room. A family room should be a place of comfort and relaxation where nothing matters but being together. Knowing how to design your family room addition in Lancaster County can mean the difference between having an amazing space that brings everyone together, or an uncomfortable and dull space that no one wants to spend time in.


There are two things to consider when choosing flooring for your family room. The first is comfort. Carpet is a popular choice for family rooms because it adds warmth and coziness to the room. It is fun to play games and sit around and talk on a carpeted floor. The downside to carpet is that it is not as maintenance-free as other types of flooring. If your family spills or if you have a pet, carpet can be more work to upkeep.

For an easy-to-keep-clean choice, you might want to try hardwoods or tiling. They will be great for eating on, and muddy shoe prints aren’t going to affect them. On the flip side, hardwoods or tiling are neither as inviting to sit down or have a wrestling match on.

For an easy compromise, choose low-maintenance flooring and area rugs – the best of both worlds.


The walls in your family room can be subtle and blend in with a relaxing décor, or be bold and give the space a feeling of energy and character. If a peaceful, calm, relaxing area is your goal, shades of gray or pastels will give the room the feel you are seeking. If you want to create a personalized, fun space, bold blues and reds are going to fill the room with a fun, yet easy and laid-back atmosphere.


The family room is among the home additions in Lancaster County that are meant to be used for leisure and entertainment. Consider which activities you will be doing in your family room. If you are going to read and love books, install bookshelves and make sure that you have comfortable furniture. If you are going to watch movies and play video games with your family, a built-in entertainment center is ideal.

While you are remodeling your family room, you might also consider adding a bathroom off of the family room if one is not available. A kitchenette and a snack bar are also great additions to any family space.

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