Creating New Spaces: Getting Your Home to Work for You

Do you feel as if you have less space in your home than you used to? Do you need a place to house all of that new stuff you may have just inherited? Few people can say they’d like to have less space in their homes. Plus, having more square footage in your home will mean higher resale values when the time comes. So, get your house to work for you with some of these ideas to add space in your house:

* Build an addition.


Adding a room addition to your home is the only real way to “create space.” Most every other way involves changing the existing space inside. You can do this by either building the room out or up (or both!). Popular examples of outward additions are mudrooms & sunrooms, screened porches, dens and decks. Upward additions involves adding another story to your home. Many customers we work with choose to build a 2-story addition; a garage below with a new master bedroom above.


* Attic Conversions.

Attics are pre-built for a bit of foot traffic and usually have some elements of structure. They also are near utilities, which can be utilized easily. One negative about the attic is it will most likely have to contend with odd configurations and low ceilings. However, depending on how you look at it, these can really open up the creative side of design and planning. Consider also laying down flooring or carpet. And if it’s not there already: insulation! Even still,  it will be much easier to convert your attic than building a whole new room addition.

Make sure you consult your Township or Borough first to make sure your home is compliant with local building codes regarding Attic conversions.


* Basement Renovations. Sometimes the best remodeling choice for creating space lies in finishing the basement. By nature, basements are more open and substantial in their construction, plus the walls and floors are very solid. You can always put up interior walls to separate spaces for extra bedrooms, home theater rooms or children’s play rooms. Oh yea, and what about ‘

Subterranean Sanctuaries‘ or the ‘Ultimate Man Cave‘?

Make sure you consult your Township or Borough first to make sure your home is compliant with local building codes regarding Basement conversions.

* Take Down an Inside Wall.

While this is mainly an illusion of adding new space, you can nonetheless open up your home in very exciting ways. Many interior walls are not load bearing and can easily be removed, even by you do-it-yourself homeowners, in a weekend. However, you first need to make sure the wall you want to remove is NOT a load-bearing wall. Load-bearing wall removal WILL require a professional remodeling contractor.

Now, there you have it! Creative use of your home is always the best way to approach remodel and renovation projects. So with these all ideas, what’s comes next? More space than you now what to do with? Well, a guy can dream, can’t he…

Planning a Home Addition in Lancaster County, PA? If you are looking for more ideas to transform your home please contact Mike Blank, CGR CAPS, President of MBC Building Remodeling, LLC, by phone: (717) 371-5136 or email: Mike@MBCremodeling.com.

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