Creative Ways to Add More Space to Your Lancaster County Home

Your life has been growing, and you would like your house to grow with you. You could move to a different place that has more space, but moving is a costly experience in both time and money. There are some small ways you can improve your home without spending a ton of money, but that’s not always enough. Instead of uprooting your life, or making changes that aren’t exactly what you want, why don’t you consider adding more space to your home through room additions?

Room additions are a great way to improve your home, but, due to property constraints, not everybody can expand the size of their home outward. There are other ways to increase the size of your house, however. You could add another level to the existing structure, or reorganize your home’s interior space. Just because you have a small piece of property, it doesn’t mean you are limited in your room addition options.

A New Level

When looking at building room additions to a house, many people forget that the space above their house is just as viable an addition space as the perimeter. Living on a small piece of property, the setback line might not give you enough space for the room additions you want. However, there is usually enough space above your existing home structure to add on a level or two.

Adding another level to your house gives you a lot of advantages. It also avoids some of the pitfalls of a side expansion. Building a new level gives you more options; it lets you determine just how much space you want to add. You could choose to add a full new level, or only a partial one, which gives you immense flexibility. It also keeps most of the construction out of your home. When building on top of your house, the day-to-day disruption of construction isn’t as apparent.

Restructuring Your Home

You might not want to add on another level in your house, yet you still don’t have the space to expand outward. Another option for you could be to change the way your home is constructed, on the inside. Most homes were designed to be useful for the majority of people, making it easier to sell. However, this also means that your house wasn’t built specifically for you. Making some structural changes, such as the removing and adding of walls throughout the house, could be instrumental in making your space more to your liking.

Choosing the Right Professional

No matter how you choose to renovate your house, one thing is for sure: you should always enlist the help of a professional. Structural changes to a house require permissions and inspections from the government. Securing these yourself can be a hassle. When undergoing something as significant as room additions to your house, contractors are there to ensure the entire process is as stress-free as possible. If you are in Lancaster County, there is no better company to work with than MBC Remodeling. We have been serving Lancaster County since 1999, and each renovation we do comes with a 5-year warranty. You should trust no one else with your home remodeling.

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